COVID, rains and now a missing piece of pipe: the sewage network will finally be finished at the end of May

A delay has subsequently been authorised by the council and the work must now be completed by May 27th.

Monday 2nd May 2022 – Mike Smith
Source: original article – Carlos López (Xàbia AL DÍA)

Categor Obras y Proyectos, the company contracted to build the first sewage and wastewater network to serve the urbanizations of the Montgó, which is being run under Camí Castellans, has asked Xàbia Council for a new postponement of the deadline for the completion of the work.

During the last plenary session of the local council, the representative for Partido Popular, Rosa Cardona, asked about for an update on the project from Pepa Gisbert, the councillor responsible for Town Planning, in response to the numerous residents who lived in the area and have been putting up with construction work for months.

It was explained that heavy rains, a trucker’s strike, workers suffering from COVID-19 and now a missing section of pipe to complete the last 100 metres of the network have all contributed to the project being postponed on several occasions.

The residents in the area, visited by Xàbia AL DÍA last Friday, wondered why the company did not acquire all the material before starting the project which would have prevented this latest delay in its completion. At the moment, on Camí Castellans, the trench into which the network has been installed has yet to be filled in and covered whilst the road remains full of construction debris, in addition to the continuing traffic chaos due to the movements of the residents.

In response to questions from Xàbia AL DÍA, councillor Gisbert reported that she and the mayor, José Chulvi, had met with the company a few days earlier who explained that it did not have the final section of pipeline because the supplier had not yet supplied it and thus they were asking for a delay in completion. Once they receive the material, it will be installed and the road resurfaced. A delay has subsequently been authorised by the council and the work must now be completed by May 27th. This means that it will have taken the company just a few days short of eight months to complete the project; they had originally pledged to finished it in two and a half months.

In addition, the councillor added that the company had also requested the delay of the other project for which it has won the contract, which is the urbanization works in Calle La Barraca in the Portitxol area, whilst also requesting a revision of prices in accordance with the regulations approved by the Spanish government to compensate for an increase in costs that existed between the start of the tender process and the economic bid placed by the company, which received the best score for offering to complete the project at the best price.

In addition, Gisbert commented that the company has requested the postponement of the other work that must be carried out in Xàbia, the urbanization around Portitxol, (La Barraca street) and has indicated that it has requested the revision of prices in accordance with the decree approved by the central government, since these have increased with respect to those that existed when the contest was called and this construction company presented its economic proposal. A proposal that received the best score, for its best price.

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