Council opens temporary solution for the dumping of garden refuse

The area in the Catarroges zone will be open from Monday for professional services based in Xàbia only.

Friday 4th February 2022 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

With the closure of the Ramblars site this week as the local council finally addresses the continuing issues of smoke pollution from the fire which broke out last November, the local government is opening an alternative space for the controlled dumping of pruning and garden rubbish. This temporary zone will remain open for as long as Ramblars remains closed.

This new zone is on recently acquired municipal land in the Catarroges area which can be accessed from the CV-734 Carretera de Gata via Camí de la Grava or via Camí Cabanes. The area, which has been cleared and levelled, will have surveillance and access control to guarantee proper use whilst the deposits will be crushed and removed every day to prevent its accumulation.

The local council has insisted that this emergency and provisional solution is only available to professional gardening services based in Xàbia and the local police force will be carrying out a special monitoring campaign to control vehicles that access the municipality whilst surveillance will also be strengthened at the zone verdes – the rubbish collection areas – to avoid unauthorized dumping.

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