Council opens 288 files for cleaning of plots and underdeveloped land

Failure to clean empty and undeveloped plots can attract a fine of up to 750 euros.

Wednesday 14th July 2021 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

The Department of Citizen Security and Emergency Prevention has opened 288 files which will demand the cleaning of plots, smallholdings and undeveloped land in the municipality.

Responsible councillor Pepa Gisbert explained that, since the start of this year, the council has had a person dedicated almost exclusively to the processing of these requirements to individuals and companies and own undeveloped land which don’t meet the necessary hygiene conditions, affect the public image of the town, or provide a risk of fire or causing unhealthy situations.

According to Gisbert, 50% of all the files initiated in this first half of the year (144) have already been completed and the relevant plots have been cleaned. The rest of at different stage of processing as the demand has to be notified officially (and in some cases, the owner of the property is unknown or belongs to a dissolved or bankrupt company) and give a deadline for the property owners to carry out the cleaning, after which the council will do the work for reasons of health or public interest and pass the cost onto those responsible.

The councillor pointed out that of the 288 files, 32 have ended up as an official report which carries fines up to 750 euros as outlined in the Municipal Bylaw for Citizen Coexistence and Security.

Gisbert also highlighted the great work done by the person in charge of these files, who was hired through the regional employment programme “Empuju” which is aimed at young people under 30 years of age.

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