Contracts awarded for cleaning of forest areas and rural roads

Some 224,000 euros has been budgeted for the clearing of ravines, rural roads, forest areas as well as maintain ornamental fountains.

Wednesday 27th November 2020 – MIKE SMITH

Contracts for the maintenance of the zona verdes, ravines, forest areas and rural roads network have been awarded by the Council to a number of private companies who successfully bid for the work.

One of the contracts, which has been allocated a budget of 105,789 euros, is aimed at the cleaning of forest area municipal asset plots and the network of ravines, important work both in terms of the public image as well as the prevention of forest fires and the effects of flooding. It has been awarded to Xuquer Land SL and the company has already started work on ravines in the Montgó and Tosalet zones.

The contract to clear and deal with control of plant diseases on the rural roads of the municipality, worth some 47,229 euros per year, has been awarded to Contratas Ancar SL. The company will begin cleaning and treating the roads of greater use, such as Camí Vell de Gata and Camí Vell de Pedreguer as well as the narrow roads of La Pla that will soon be filled with activity for the orange harvest.

The Council has also hired a company specializing in the pruning, maintenance, and treatments against the palm weevil in trees located in public areas in the town, a contract worth 58,088 euros a year.

Finally, Iciser SL has been awarded a contract worth 12,741 euros a year to maintain and repair all the town’s ornamental fountains.

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