Coastal hotels in Valencia enjoyed more than 70% occupancy during December long weekends

Colomer advances the actual hotel occupancy data recorded on the Constitution and Inmaculada “puentes”, prepared by Turisme Comunitat Valenciana

Thursday 15th December 2022 · Mike Smith
Source: GVA Turisme

Hotel occupancy in the Comunidad Valenciana during the ‘Constitución’ and ‘Inmaculada Concepción’ reached an average of 72% for hotels along the Mediterranean coast and almost 70% for those inland, according to the results of a survey carried out by CV Turisme with a representatives sample of hotels.

The results show that the forecast of reaching almost 70% offered by CV Turisme prior to the double long weekends was met, with the actual occupancy being slightly higher on both sections.

Puente: ‘Día de la Constitución’

Specifically, during the Constitución puente, which spanned the nights from Saturday 3rd December to Tuesday 6th December, the coastal hotels registered an average occupancy rate of 71.30%, nearly four points higher than expected. The highest rate was registered in Benidorm, which saw an average of 77% occupancy, 3.3% higher than forecast, whilst the city of Valencia reached an average of 76.75%, some 1.8 points higher than expected.

Separated into provinces, the coast of Castellón registered 73%, just over 9 points higher than expected whilst the coast of Alicante (excluding Benidorm) was close to 62%, 5 points higher than predicted.

Hotels located in the interior of the Comunidad Valenciana reached an average of 67.37%, 0.6 points higher than forecast, with the province of Castellón registering 74% and the province of Alicante 63.3%.

Puente: Inmaculada Concepción

With regard to the Puente de la Inmaculada, which spanned the nights from Thursday 8th December to Sunday 11th December, the coastal hotels registered an average occupancy of 72.1%, 1.8 points higher than expected. The coast of the province of Castellón recorded the highest occupancy figures (more than 77%) whilst those located in the interior reached 68.4%, 0.3 points higher than forecast.

The regional secretary of Tourism, Francesc Colomer, said that “the Comunidad Valenciana is once again consolidated as one of the most attractive destinations for national and international tourists, who continue to bet on this region for another year, thanks to its great offer of sun and beach, interior, cultural, commercial, gastronomic and leisure during these dates“.

Likewise, Colomer has highlighted the dynamism of the reservations made through the Viatgem CV program that distributes the BONO VIAJE, and whose next edition will start on December 20.

He also highlighted the great tourist boom of the Valencia Marathon, held on Sunday 4th December which broke a record for runners with 30,000 participants. In addition, he recalled that each of the 42 kilometre points was illustrated with a tourist scene from the Comunidad Valenciana.

The coast of Valencia, one of the most benefited

Colomer also valued the latest data from the Business Confidence Survey carried out by Exceltur, which places the coast of the Comunidad Valenciana as one of the most benefited in terms of income during the summer of 2022. Specifically, Costa Blanca exceeded a 16.3% compared to 2019 data, Alicante 24.3% more and Valencia 19.2% higher than the pre-covid year.

We are in a current positive tourist scenario thanks to the business effort, accompanied by a net job creation due to the greater effect of the pull of a national and international demand eager to travel again“, said Colomer, who has also assured that “this stimulus has compensated for the adverse geopolitical and macroeconomic conditions that have occurred in recent months in Europe”.