Classroom ratios in Xàbia to be reduced due to fall in birth rate

The Valencian birth rate in 2018 reached its lowest level in 44 years with 7.7 births per 1,000 inhabitants.

Monday 29th March 2021 | XÀBIA AL DÍA; translation MIKE SMITH

A statement from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports has reported that it will reduce the maximum ratio in Infants 3 years for the 2021-2022 academic year in 53 municipalities, including Xàbia, due to a greater decrease in the birth rate.

The maximum number of male and female students per class in Infant 3-year-olds is set at 25. For several years, the Ministry has been reducing this maximum even more in the towns wherever possible due to the drop in the birth rate. This allows for fewer students per classroom and facilitates better educational quality, as well as maintaining existing educational units and teaching staff. In this way, the supply of units is maintained, with more teaching staff serving fewer boys and girls per classroom.

With this measure, it is possible to maintain 117 educational units for Infants in the municipalities where the generalized reduction in ratios has been made for the next academic year.

Infants-3 years is when, generally, young children begin their schooling. Next year, boys and girls born in 2018 will go to school for the first time. The Valencian birth rate in 2018 reached its lowest level in 44 years with 7.7 births per 1,000 inhabitants; 38,018 boys and girls were born in Valencia, the lowest number in 20 years. This, together with the decrease in the arrival of the immigrant population, has resulted in the population that must be educated being considerably reduced, especially in some Valencian populations.

In some towns such as Xàbia there are 23 students per classroom and in others to 20.

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