Chulvi: “Our great economic and social sacrifice has to be respected”

Xábua mayor releases video on social media calling for more respect of both the virus and the efforts made by the local community as infections continue to rise.

Friday 16th July 2021 – Compiled by MIKE SMITH

In a video released on social media, Xàbia Mayor José Chulvi has called on local residents and those who are visiting the town on holiday to comply with the current measures imposed to fight the spread of the COVID-19 infection, saying that “the great economic and social sacrifice” made in recent months to reduce the infection “deserves to be respected and reciprocated“.

The number of positive cases of COVID-19 detected in Xàbia has risen dramatically in the past three weeks and the latest report from the regional health ministry showed that 124 new cases were detected in the town in the past two weeks, the highest fortnightly number since early February.

With the town’s 14-day IA rate, the measure of the speed at which the virus moves through the population, placing the town firmly in the highest ‘Extreme Risk’ level, the mayor has implored those who won’t comply with the rules or think that they don’t apply to them as they are on holiday to think again. “There is no other alternative than for everyone to take individual responsibility.

The full text of his address reads as follows:

My message is addressed to all our local residents and also to the people who are visiting us at this time to express my concern about the upward progression of COVID-19 cases that we have experienced in Xàbia since the beginning of the summer.

I would ask you to reflect on what things are not being done well. Having lot of police in the streets to daily disrupt the dozens of street parties, social gatherings and private parties is not a solution. Nor should we accept that some people consider that it is their right to carry out their business without complying with the rules, or those who think that health and safety measures are no longer necessary, or those who excuse themselves because they are on holidau, thinking that it does not matter if they act a little irresponsibly.

We all know the effort we have made in recent months to reduce the incidence of the virus to minimal rates. This was a great economic and social sacrifice, an effort that deserves to be respected and reciprocated.

As a municipality we have been committed to fighting the pandemic and we will to continue doing so. There is no other alternative than for everyone to take individual responsibility – complying with the prevention measures – and showing respect for others.

A respect not only in relation to the virus, but also to our environment and the civility necessary to maintain a level of coexistence during these weeks in which there are many more people sharing our spaces.

I hope that I can count on you, so that Xàbia can continue being safe and the place where we so much like to live.

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[In Castellano with subtitles in Valenciano]

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