CBYA finally celebrates its 15th anniversary with a special regatta

The special occasion was finally celebrated after a year’s delay due to the pandemic.

Thursday 14th October 2021 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

The Costa Blanca Yacht Association (CBYA) has finally celebrated its 15th anniversary on Wednesday, a year late due to postponement in the face of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

The bay at El Portet in Moraira was the location, its waters abuzz with yachts and dinghies. Four CBYA members anchored their vessels off the beach – S/Ys Poog, Bifrost, Jemila and TrickyD, the latter festooned with flags and bunting as well as balloons in the CBYA colours of blue and yellow.

Although the planned cardboard boat race didn’t happen due to the lack of adventurous sailors – it will be postponed until next year – the club’s own fleet of four dinghies and a small catamaran were taken out by members over the course of the day, during which swirling winds made for some what difficult conditions, but all participants enjoyed themselves. About 60 members came to watch and enjoy tapas and drinks at Bar El Racó.

The prize for best-dressed yacht when to Richard Jones whilst prizes were also presented to Monique Neyzen for Best Helm (catamarans), Fernando Moneta (Lasers) and James Heather for the 420. Evetone admired the splendid sunset and later the four yachts moored overnight along the sea wall in Club Náutico Moraira.

On Day 2, three Toms, 28ft racing yachts from Real Club Nautico Calpe were supposed to sail up to El Portet for a raft-up with the big yachts, but the elements conspired against them. There was hardly a breath of air, so even if they’d struggled to get to the location without an engine, they may not have made it back to port that evening, so reluctantly this was cancelled. However, CBYA members continued to sail the dinghies and enjoyed the second day of this very social event.

Anyone interested in sailing, yachts or motorboats can visit the CVYA website www.cbya.org for more information. All welcome – especially if you own a boat!

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