Average age of patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 has dropped

At the beginning of the year the vast majority of patients were over 75 years old, and at the moment the largest group is 51 to 65 years old.

Monday 3rd May 2021 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

The average age of patients admitted for SARS-COV-2 infection in hospitals in the Comunidad Valenciana has decreased in the last three months. Comparing the data recorded at the beginning of January, during the third wave, with those of the end of this month, it is clear that the patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 at the start of the year was mostly over 75 (40.6%), almost double the 51 to 65 year group (23.9%) and 66-75 years (22.8%). By sex, for those over 75, men accounted for 51.5% whilst overall they accounted for 59.4% of all hospital admissions in January.

A few months later, the most-affected age group has decreased to 51 to 65 years (29.2%), with the 66 to 75 group close behind with 28.4%) and the over 75s age group dropping to 26.8%. However, men now account for 62.6% of all patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19.

With regards to the type of hospital admissions, the over 75 age group accounts for the highest percentage of general admissions, although it has dropped from January (45.9% of all patients admitted) to 29.4% now. The critical care units, back in January it was the age group 51 to 65 which accounted for the largest number of people admitted (41.5%) whilst now it is the age group 66 to 75 with more men (56%) still being admitted than women. Overall, 71.7% of people in ICU wards at the moment are men, which is very similar to the figures at the beginning of the year.

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