Asevi donates 1,000 litres of cleaning product to Cruz Roja Xàbia

The donation will support families who are using the anti-poverty programmes in Xàbia, Gata and Pedreguer.

Wednesday 15th February 2023
Mike Smith

Asevi, the brand of products for cleaning and caring for the home and clothes, has donated around 1,000 litres of cleaning product to the local branch of the Cruz Roja de Xàbia. With this charitable action, the company continues to support the important work that the Cruz Roja does with people in vulnerable situations.

The donation, which includes floor cleaners, manual dishwashers and disinfectant cleaners, will go to the families that use the anti-poverty programs in Xàbia, Gata and Pedreguer, a donation with which the manufacturer intends to contribute its grain of sand in difficult times for many families.

The total number of people cared for by the Cruz Roja in the municipalities of Xàbia, Gata de Gorgos and Pedreguer totals 298. These figures translate into direct care for 112 families, 66 of them residing in Xàbia, 28 in Gata de Gorgos and 18 in Pedreguer.