All parties except Compromís support IBI reduction in Xàbia

Compromís spokesperson Juan Cardona justified the decision to vote against the motion because the gesture doesn’t help young people struggling to pay the rent.

Friday 5th November 2021 – CARLOS LÓPEZ with Mike Smith

The plenary session of Xàbia Council has approved the proposed 17% reduction in the Property Tax (IBI) for 2022. The motion was passed with the support of the local government (PSPV and CPJ), PP and C’s whilst Compromís voted against.

In a plenary session held early on Thursday morning, the local government received the support of the opposition to apply the reduction of the tax rate that – in practice – will mean that IBI charges will drop by an average of 80 euros, according to the calculations made by the local government itself.

Mayor José Chulvi insisted that the local council will continue to be able to provide all services and meet financial obligations and future investment plans, despite the income from property tax reducing by some three millions euros.

Compromís representative, Juan Cardona, justified his decision to vote against the proposal by insisting that such a gesture doesn’t help young people who can’t pay their rent but rather helps those who are charging those high rents. He also regretted that “not a single euro” has been spent on bike lanes, on the creation of social housing, or the lowering of electricity bills through the development of a local energy initiative.

PP spokesperson Rosa Cardona said that, whilst her party supported the motion, the tax reduction had been forced by the local government’s “lack of management” which has resulted in a municipal surplus of some 30 million euros.

Enrique Escrivà – C’s – added that the same desire to “help residents” should be applied to the study of his party’s proposal to reward responsible water consumption, an initiative which – in his opinion – would have “minimal impact” on the accounts of the municipal water company AMJASA.

Whilst mayor José Chulvi was responsible for defending the measure during the debate, councillor Ximo Segarra (Treasury) limited himself to providing details on the modification, although he did consider the motion to be “brave” and said that the council is in a “healthy” position and will be able to provide guarantees to cover an increase in personnel expenses, current expenses and planned investments.

The plenary session also approved a credit modification of 4.75 millions – the PP abstained – to incorporate the renovations of the lighthouse complex on Cap de Sant Antoni and fund the project to finish the pedestrianization of the Primer Montañar (the port to Arenal coastal road) as well as a new employment plan for 2021 and other reinforcement proposals for Social Services.

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