AEMET warns of potential for heavy rain and storms on Sunday afternoon

The storms may produce hail at times.

Sunday 29th August 2021 – Compiled by MIKE SMITH

The state meteorological agency AEMET has issued a YELLOW level risk alert for the potential for periods of heavy rain and storms this Sunday afternoon between 12.00pm and midnight tonight.

The alert warns of the possibility of heavy rain falling at a rate of 20mm/hour at any time during this period throughout the Marina Alta area. It is also accompanied by a warning for the possibility of storms at times which could produce hail.

Storms at this time of year are not unusual but are notoriously difficult to predict where they will occur with any high degree of accuracy and it could be that neighbouring municipalities experience completely different weather phenomena.

Note: The alert doesn’t mean that these conditions are definitely going to affect us but that the models are showing that there is a good chance that they may do so so it’s best to be prepared.

Prepare for the Worst

  1. Check guttering and drains. They should be clear of leaves and other debris to allow the rainwater to flow away easily. Take a look at the drains in the street in front of your property. It’s the council’s job to keep them clear but checking them yourself before the arrival of heavy rain can help protect your home.
  2. Prepare the terrace and garden. Cover up and secure patio furniture. Bring in anything that is likely to be blown around the garden and cause damage.
  3. Protect valuables. If you live in an area that is liable to flooding, you might want to consider gathering together any valuable or sentimental items and store them in a safe area of the house – not the basement – during the periods of heavy rain. Just in case. Material items can be replaced, memories can’t.
  4. Avoid driving. During periods of heavy rain, it is best to stay put, wherever you are, and avoid driving in low-lying areas and zones where water is likely to collect. Don’t attempt to cross the river if the water is flowing as it may be deeper and stronger than it appears; it only takes a few centimetres of fast flowing water to dislodge a vehicle. If the heavy rain causes poor visibility whilst driving, stop and wait until it passes.

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