87 new positives and one death in Xàbia

January has become the month with the most infections of the entire pandemic which began ten months ago.

Friday 22nd January 2021 | MIKE SMITH

This is the latest information on the status of the health situation in Xàbia, the Marina Alta, the Comunidad Valenciana and across Spain.

For more information, please refer to the links given at the bottom of the page as our report is based on the official figures given in these sources.


Xàbia has seen 87 new positive cases and one death reported since the last update on Tuesday 19th January. The IA rate1 has crossed the 1,000 mark for the first time since the pandemic began.

Latest Data (20/01/2021)
14-Day Cumulative Rate (IA): 1,043.33 
Positive PCR Tests in the past 14 days: 288 
Total Positive Cases: 974 
Total Deaths: 6 


Xàbia mayor José Chulvi addressed the town via video this week as the regional government imposed further restrictions to try and check a virus spreading out of control. “Let’s be adults, and not look for excuses or justifications, and do what we need to do. We must not fail those who are fighting Covid-19 or those who have been suffering the economic, psychological and social effects of the pandemic, for almost a year. Difficult weeks are coming and we all have to get involved to stop it happening. Please stay home as much as possible, avoid close contact with people you don’t live with – even if they don’t look sick – put on your mask at all times and keep a safe distance. Do it for yourselves, for the people you love. Do it for everyone.”

Marina Alta

The Dénia Health Authority, which covers the Marina Alta region, has recorded 400 new infections since the last update, bringing the total to 6,361 positive cases since the crisis began.

There has been 10 new deaths since the last update, bringing the total to 92 since the crisis began.

Latest Data (20/01/2021)
14-Day Cumulative Rate (IA): 1,084.77 
Positive PCR Tests in the past 14 days: 1,800 
Total Positive Cases: 6,361
Total Deaths: 92

The 400 new infections have been recorded in the following municipalities:

  • Dénia – 119 / 2 deaths
  • Xàbia – 87 / 1 death
  • Pego – 39 / 1 death
  • Calp – 34 / 3 deaths
  • Benissa – 19 / 2 deaths
  • Orba – 17 / 1 death
  • Teulada – 16
  • Pedreguer – 15
  • Gata de Gorgos – 13
  • Ondara – 13
  • El Vergel – 11
  • Beniarbeig – 5
  • Poble Nou de Benitatxell – 5
  • Parcent – 3
  • La Vall de Laguar – 2
  • Murla – 1
  • Xaló – 1

Vall de Gallinera remains the only municipality in the Marina Alta not to have recorded a single positive case.


The mayor of El Vergel has been accused of “jumping the queue” for COVID-19 vaccine jabs. Ximo Coll and his wife Caroline were given the first injection after they received a call from the health centre who said that they had seven doses left over and did they want to claim them. They agreed and, along with five local police officers, received the first of the two injections of the course. In his defence, Coll said that: “There are lots of seniors and at-risk people who call me so that I can help them with something. That’s why I thought they wanted me to get vaccinated, so I wouldn’t spread the virus.” However, the vaccine doesn’t stop people from contracting the disease and spreading it, but rather it helps them to avoid developing a serious case.

Comunidad Valenciana

The 14-day IA rate for the Comunidad Valenciana is now 1166.88, an increase of almost 240% in two weeks, whilst the positivity rate2 for the region has apparently stabilised at around 31%.

Latest Data (21/01/2021)
(trend increase or decrease in 14 days)
Total Positive Cases: 236.657 (+77,042) 
Positive Cases in 14 days: 58,535 (+41,335) 
Total Hospitalizations: 20,845 (+3,905) 
Current Hospitalizations: 4,143 (+1,811) 
Current Beds Occupied (Ward): 39.25% 
Current Beds Occupied (ICU): 57.50% 

Vaccination Data (21/01/2021)
Doses Available: 111,900 (109,000: Pfizer/BioNtech | 2,900: Moderna)
Doses Administered: 10,437 (90.60%)
Doses Completed: 2,956

Latest IA Rate by Health Authority (20/01/2021)
 up on 14 days ago
 down on 14 days ago
2,700.45 – Alcoi 
1,971.52 – Elda 
1,728.42 – Xàtiva-Ontinyent 
1,630.44 – La Ribera 
1,512.94 – Requena 
1,493.08 – Elx 
1,467.30 – Valencia Dr.Peset 
1,335.30 – Sagunt 
1,297.61 – Valencia La Fe 
1,287.01 – Valencia Clinic La Malva Rosa 
1,185,72 – Manises 
1,182.36 – Valencia Hospital General 
1,135.33 – La Plana 
1,117.64 – Vinaros 
1,042.27 – Dénia 
1,015.05 – Valencia Arnau de Vilanova-Llíria 
950.27 – La Marina Baixa 
903.50 – Gandía 
776.97 – Elx-Crevillent 
724.33 – Castelló 
714.85 – Orihuela 
466.41 – Sant Joan de l’Alacant 
438.70 – Alacant Hospital General 
264.48 – Torrevieja 


January has become the month with the most infections of the entire pandemic which began ten months ago. In 21 days, the Comunidad Valenciana has recorded 87.966 new positives, more than November and December combined.

As expected, the Generalitat Valenciana introduced further measures to try and halt the spread of the virus through the region which came into effect on Thursday 21st January. Measures have included the closure of all bars and restaurants for at least 14 days. Ximo Puig, president of the Generalitat, said that “we can’t go on like this” as record rises in new infections put more pressure of the health system in the region.

Puig also announced details of the contingency plan entitled ‘Resiste’ which has made some 340 million euros available to try and minimize the damage and reactivate those economic sectors most affected by the restrictions imposed to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It would be increased to 380 million euros.


The national 14-day IA rate is now 795.65. The rate has increased by almost 148% in the past two weeks.

Latest Data (21/01/2021)
(trend increase or decrease in 14 days)
Total Positive Cases: 2,456,675 (+431,771) 
Total Deaths: 55,041 (+3,366) 
Current Hospitalizations: 26,542 (+11,999) 
Current % of Hospital Beds occupied by COVID patients: 20.87% 
Current % of ICU Beds occupied by COVID patients: 36.28% 

Vaccination Data (21/01/2021)
Doses Available: 1,346,100 (1,310,145: Pfizer/BioNtech | 35,700: Moderna)
Doses Administered: 1,103,301 (82,00%)
Doses Completed: 49,056

Latest IA Rate by Autonomous Region (21/01/2021)
 up on 14 days ago
 down on 14 days ago
1,467.53 – Extremadura 
1,286.90 – Murcía 
1,166.18 – Comunidad Valenciana 
1,142.34 – Castilla y León 
1,140.61 – Castilla-La Mancha 
1,134.79 – La Rioja 
875.06 – Madrid 
786.25 – Melilla 
744.20 – Andalucia 
699.72 – Baleares 
680.52 – Aragón 
653.88 – Cataluña 
586.48 – Galicia 
485.98 – Ceuta 
427.54 – Navarra 
402.49 – País Vasco 
377.59 – Asturias 
371.21 – Cantabria 
184.69 – Canarias 


Spain has set a new record for new cases twice this week, with 44,357 infections added to the latest report, a level that was last seen back in the autumn when figures were amalgamated for weekends. Fernando Simón, the director of the Health Ministry’s Coordination Centre for Health Alerts (CCAES), admitted that the data was bad, but he insisted that this third wave may now be reaching its peak.

One in five hospital beds in Spain is currently occupied by a COVID-19 patient, a record level since the first wave of infections. This has forced the cancellation of surgeries. Both the Comunidad Valenciana and Castilla-La Mancha are under the greatest pressure; in the former, more than one in three beds has been taken by a COVID-19 patient. Admissions don’t look like slowing down any time soon.

Simón also admitted that the new, more contagious strain of the coronavirus first detected in the UK could become the dominant variant in Spain “by mid-March”.

Data Explanation

1 The IA rate is the number of new cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 inhabitants over the past 14 days. It is considered the most accurate measure of the spread of the virus. A rate above 250 indicates an ‘Extreme Risk’ that the infection is spreading. The aim of the Spanish government is to lower this rate to 25.

2 The positivity rate refers to the percentage of all COVID-19 tests carried out which have come back positive. A high figure means that it doesn’t take many tests to come across a positive result.

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