300,000 euros put aside for renovations to the Riurau d’Arnauda

Discomfort in cultural associations because necessary action is delayed

Friday 30th April 2021 – XÀBIA AL DÍA with Mike Smith

The Riurau d’Arnauda lies amongst the trees of the Parque Montaner above the main square in the town and has become an ideal setting for many cultural activities since it was inaugurated in 2014. In fact, this weekend it will host some of the Xàbia Folk concerts – if the forecasted rain doesn’t force a postponement. However, the space needs some investment to make the necessary improvement to enhance its use as a cultural venue.

Councillor Quico Moragues (Culture) made a case for investment during the last meeting of the Cultural Council consultative body but he added more detail during the plenary session earlier this weekend, following a question from Compromís representative Juan Cardona, who sought information about the plans for the space and the building itself.

Moragues explained that there is a credit reserve of some 300,000 euros to reform the surface and the lighting as well as install some toilets. He added that it was first considered that individual projects could be carried out but town planning officers have recommended that a single public tender be issued to complete the whole work.

When pressed by Cardona on a timescale for the project, Moragues admitted that he could not be more specific since council officers were still working on the paperwork and until such time as the tender process starts, he could not offer a date.

Since the plenary session, which was streamed live on the Internet to that residents and groups could follow the proceedings, several cultural and musical associations have expressed their discomfort to XAD at the decision of the local government to extend the timescale for a necessary intervention, pointing out that there is a real possibility that when the renovations are completed “the pandemic will be over” and the riurau will longer be used.

At the very minimum, they hoped that the council would have been more decisive to find a provisional solution so that the riurau could have lighting equipment and minimum soundproofing for its concerts.