16 offers have been received to take on road re-surfacing project

The bids have range from 662,000 euros to 1.02 million euros to complete the work.

ARCHIVE PHOTO: Road surfacing at the roundabout in the Arenal (Carlos López)

Saturday 27th March 2021 | CARLOS LÓPEZ; translation MIKE SMITH

A total of 16 companies have submitted offers in the tender process called by Xàbia Council for the preparation of the 2018-2020 asphalt plan, a project valued just over 1 million euros. On Friday, the bids were opened and the details posted on the Contracting Platform for public viewing.

Some companies have submitted ambitious offers and have offered what has been considered by the contracting team as reckless reductions on the estimated budget, such as Pavasal and a joint venture bid (known as an UTE in Spain) from Edifesa and Construcciones y Obras Llorente.

Pavasal has offered to take on the project for a total of 662,000 euros (inc IVA) whilst the Edifisa and Construcciones y Obras Llorente UTE has bid 686,000 euros (inc IVA) to complete the work.

The rest of the offers range from 745,000 euros (inc IVA) from CHM to 1.02 million euros (inc IVA) from Involucra and 934,000 euros from Vives y Dalmau.

The two companies who have made very low bids must justify the price and then the one that presents the lowest price will be the winner, since the price makes up 90% of the tender assessment. Thus, according to this detail, it would be Pavasal who would win the contract. However, this is already finding itself in a precarious position.

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