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The project has already been delayed by more than six weeks

Thursday 25th October 2018

JAVEA NEWS | Triana Bridge

The Xàbia branch of the Partido Popular have moved to ask the big question: when is the long-awaited Triana bridge renovation going to begin? Back in July it was reported that the project to build a new bridge to replace the current damaged crossing would begin in late September after the contract was awarded to Valencian construction firm 'Levantina Ingeniería y Construcción'. A month after the proposed start of the project, the PP has issued a statement claiming that once again the tendering of contracts is harming Xàbia and that the administration led by mayor José Chulvi has not kept any of their 'grand promises'.

The statement declares PP's condemnation of the standstill of construction work in the town including the suspension of construction work on the much-heralded new auditorium and leads them to consider that the socialist local government is keeping the biggest projects on ice until the last minute as part of the electoral campaign for the 2019 local elections. The party's candidate for mayor, Rosa Cardona, said: "In the three and half years that they have controlled the legislature, they have not yet kept any of their grand promises".

They declare that the delay in the project to build a new crossing, an important infrastructure on the outskirts of the port area, has created a situation in which the PP are concerned for the safety of the people who cross it. The statement said: "[The bridge] is in a very bad condition with deteriorated beams and iron exposed to the air. This makes us very concerned about the possibility of casualties and the government team must urge the winning company to act immediately".

As reported in July, the tender was awarded for 400,000 euros, substantially less than the original estimated budget of 567,000 euros, and the project should have started after a delay was agreed to avoid construction work during the busy summer period. The PP claims that the delay will mean that the original 12-week deadline is at risk and will affect times when Xàbia receives a greater influx of tourists and thus add a longer period of time to the travel restrictions put in place for the urban bus service and lorries. Replacing the bridge has been an essential requirement after it suffered serious damage during the storms of October 2007 and a result ha been closed to heavy vehicle traffic.

El Partido Popular de Xàbia cuestiona las obras del Puente de Triana
El inicio de la remodelación lleva más de un mes y medio de retraso

Una vez más, la licitación de obras perjudica a Xàbia. Con más de un mes y medio de retraso, los trabajos de remodelación del Puente de Triana no se han iniciado. Desde el Partido Popular de Xàbia denunciamos el parón de obras que está sufriendo Xàbia con el gobierno de Chulvi dando a pensar que el equipo de gobierno socialista se guarda los grandes proyectos para última hora, haciendo campaña electoralista. “En los tres años y medio que llevan de legislatura, aún no han realizado sus grandes promesas”, afirma la candidata a alcaldía, Rosa Cardona.

Primero el Auditorio y ahora el Puente de Triana, que presenta una situación lamentable y a los populares, nos preocupa, pero más aún por la falta de seguridad hacía las personas, “se encuentra en muy mal estado, con el forjado al aire y caído, y las vigas deterioradas, solo nos hace pensar en no lamentar víctimas y que el equipo de gobierno exija a la empresa adjudicataria su actuación inmediata”.

Cardona manifiesta que las obras, adjudicadas por 400.000 euros, debían haberse iniciado a mediados de septiembre, “ahora, con este retraso, los plazos marcados de 12 semanas pueden llegar afectar a fechas en las que Xàbia recibe más afluencia de turistas, sumando la restricción de paso, por más tiempo, del autobús urbano y los camiones”.


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