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On August 21st 2018 the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia introduced a new system of limited rotational free parking zones in the commercial zones of the historic centre and port areas of town (see maps below).

Vehicles can be parked in these zones for a maximum of 60 minutes before the owner will be obliged to vacate the space. However, if there is another free space in the same zone, the owner may claim it immediately.

The time of arrival in the parking space should be clearly indicated by means of a control disc (see right) which can be picked up free of charge from many businesses, tourist info offices and local police stations. However if the owner does not have a control disc, the time of arrival can be written clearly on a piece of paper or similar so long as it is displayed clearly so the authorities can see it.

A fine of 80 euros will be issued for the following:
- parking without indicating the time of arrival in the appropriate manner;
- parking for longer than the permitted 60 minutes;
- modifying the time of arrival without vacating the parking space.

Summer Restrictions (1st May - 15th October)
11:00-14:00 Monday to Saturday
17:00-21:00 Monday to Friday
No restrictions outside of these hours and on Sundays and Fiesta Days

Winter Restrictions (16th October - 30th April)
11:00-14:00 Monday to Saturday
17:00-20:00 Monday to Friday
No restrictions outside of these hours and on Sundays and Fiesta Days

javeamigos.com | ROTATIONAL PARKING

Available from:

javeamigos.com | ROTATION PARKING - Historic CentreHistoric Centre
The following zones will be subject to rotation parking:
- Plaza Celestino Pons (Indoor Market)
- Calle Sor María Gallert (Indoor Market)
- Calle San Joaquin
- Ronda Sur
- Ronda Norte
- Avenida Principe de Asturias
- Calle Buen Aire
- Calle Dr. Borrull

Municipal Car-Parks
- Plaza de la Constitución
- Portal del Clot
- Paid Parking (0,62 euros / hour)

Other Parking
- Avenida Palmela
- Free Parking

javeamigos.com | ROTATIONAL PARKING - Aduanas del MarAduanas del Mar
The following zones will be subject to rotation parking:
- Avenida Jaime I
- Plaza Adolfo Suárez

Municipal Car-Parks
- Avenida Lepanto
- Free Parking

Other Parking
- C Santisimo Cristo del Mar
- Free Parking

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