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Parking nightmare for residents to be halted  in second scheme after La Granadella

Tuesday 21st August 2018

JAVEA NEWS | Cala de la Barraca

For the past couple of years the popular cove of La Granadella has been closed to traffic during the busy summer months with visitors obliged to use a special shuttle service to travel to the small cove, an initiative brought in to reduce the overcrowding that was threatening to engulf this natural space. And now the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia is planning to extend the scheme to another popular cove which has reached saturation point, Cala de la Barraca.

This summer vehicle owners seeking the tranquility of this beautiful small bay have been leaving cars strewn across the urbanisation of Mar Blau causing traffic flow problems along an already narrow road. Vehicles have been left on yellow lines which explicitly prohibit parking, some have even blocked driveways and access points to houses despite notices prohibiting such action whilst the passage of emergency vehicles has been made difficult by irresponsible parking.

Thus the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia has decided to take drastic action and close Cala de la Barraca to traffic during the busy summer months from next year. Mayor José Chulvi, who is also head of the Department of Tourism, explained that the priority is to ensure the safety of the bathers. This summer has already seen ambulances struggle to access the beach area to treat and evacuate injured or sick people and part of the initiative for next year will also see elements installed to prevent parking at specific points where it has been difficult for emergency vehicles to pass.

The mayor explained that the system which restricts vehicle access to La Granadella has worked well this summer with bathers being offered two methods of transport to travel from a designated parking zone to the beach, either by bus or by a tourist train and both of which have been free. This has allowed bathers to forget about the hassle of parking in the narrow cove that, now largely free of cars, has returned to a relatively tranquil spot to relax and swim. But there have been repercussions as the residents of Urbanisation Mar Blau and Cala de la Barraca suffer the chaos of vehicle saturation as bathers move along the coast to other zones without restrictions. Some residents have been unable to leave their houses due to driveways being blocked. The police have tried to control the situation with parking fines and there have been days when more that 100 penalty notices have been issued. But drivers continue to try and find parking spots, often creating problems in narrow streets such as Calle Samaruc and Calle Fartet. And so the Ayuntamiento has been forced to act.


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