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Volunteers have worked in unbearable conditions to improve their town

Thursday 16th August 2018

JAVEA NEWS | Community Clean Up

Fed up with the amount of rubbish being thrown onto open spaces across the town by irresponsible citizens, a group of residents from Xàbia have got together to encourage a community clean-up to improve the image of these zones. Despite the energy-sapping hot weather, this small band of volunteers have already cleared several zones of rubbish and other detritus, including dog mess left by owners who refuse to take it away and dispose of it properly, instead leaving it for others to have to deal with.

A new Facebook group - "Xàbia neta entre tots" - has been created to coordinate efforts and has already attracted almost 200 likes as people become more and more frustrated with the lack of civic pride from some members of the community. All sorts of rubbish has been dumped in open spaces across the town from building and gardening debris, rubbish bags full of rotting food, household furniture, cans of old engine oil and even the occasional kitchen sink. As reported on the Facebook group, the kids of the primary schools of Trenc d'Alba, Graüll and Vicente Tena can soon pass through these zones without having to negotiate unsavoury items such as broken bottles, used condoms and piles of dog mess.

The project began just a couple of weeks ago and the group has already cleared two private plots which are being used as parking zones, one by IES Antoni Llidó and the other in Thiviers close to Bar L'Avinguda. Just a hour or so of hard work gave these areas a substantially better aspect and the efforts are being rewarded as more volunteers offer to help as the group moves to other areas around the town. The intention is to clear up as many of these zones as possible and the more help the group can attract, the better it will be for everyone. All one needs is a pair of gloves and the enthusiasm to make the town a better place.

Councillor Kika Mata (Services), whose department is responsible for rubbish collection and street cleaning in Xàbia, explained to Javea.com that although these private plots have been available to provide much-needed parking in the town, their status as private land means that the cleaning of them does not come under the remit of the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia. However, she has given her full support to the efforts of the volunteers, even offering to provide transport to remove the collected rubbish if necessary. She also took the opportunity to remind residents that the town has a number of different rubbish collection services which includes the collection of empty cardboard boxes from businesses, shops and bars, the EcoParque where registered residents can deposit all manner of unwanted items, the collection of household furniture and appliances, as well as dozens of rubbish collection points, including recycling zones, for the proper disposal of rubbish.


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