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Opposition party statement claims the town has become unkempt

Monday 11th June 2018

JAVEA NEWS | PP Statement on Cleanliness

The Partido Popular of Jávea has released a statement claiming that the town has become unkempt and doesn't yet have the services in place to welcome the arrival of the main influx of tourists as summer approaches, making a mockery of the image presented to both residents and visitors of a town that offers high-quality tourism.

The statement claims that the streets are dirty and abandoned and that the council is not taking care of even the most emblematic and tourist-friendly areas of Jávea. It says that mayor José Chulvi's team has demanded that owners clean their own plots and private land but has apparently forgotten about the municipal areas that are now presenting an unfortunate public image as well as increasing the possible risks that this neglect entails. It addes that, in response to the questions regarding this situation that the Popular Party has asked in the full council meetings, the answers are always "We are studying it" or "It’s in hand" without any change or improvement actually being noticed.

This is a situation that worries the Popular Party greatly, the statement continues, as it sees that, as the season of greatest tourist influx begins, the town is offering a negative image at a time when every detail should be taken care of to offer visitors an unforgettable experience and to continue working to promote this destination as a high quality tourist destination.

One of the issues that most concerns the PP is the situation of the refuse collection. Relatively recently, the domestic refuse contract was extended for one more year with the contractor CESPA, knowing full well the deficiencies that exist. For this reason, and also because of the neglect regarding this issue, local people continue to suffer dirty streets, containers which are almost always full and poorly located, the sight of vehicles in unacceptable conditions, poorly attended areas, abandoned parks and streets full of weeds. In addition, there has been a noticeable decrease in services; previously the streets of the urbanizations were cleaned and now this cleaning has stopped or is not being carried out as often as it was. The same thing has happened with the garden maintenance; this is now totally neglected throughout Jávea and offers a deplorable image inappropriate for a tourist town. Many of the roundabouts are also now left unchecked and the weeds that grow next to the trees are already reaching great heights.

The statement said that another example of bad management affecting the image of Jávea is the lighting; this is due to the hiring of maintenance companies at a low price coupled with a lack of control on the part of the local council team. The result is that there are many areas of Jávea without light at all (with no explanation) and streets that remain in darkness for long periods of time, with all that this entails for the residents who live there.

It should also be noted the few or inadequate measures taken in regard to situations that occur daily and are very unpleasant for residents, such as dog "poop" (the statement claims thatthe PP has already suggested some measures and an emergency plan in a full council meeting with absolutely no notice being taken) or the situation at the end of the Arenal promenade which pedestrians can only access by entering via the large car parking area, finding themselves in both an unpleasant and dangerous situation.

The Popular Party candidate for mayor, Rosa Cardona, has expressed her regret at this situation which she assures, can not be allowed under any circumstances in a locality of the quality of Jávea, in which many of the residents live directly or indirectly from tourism and yet are finding their quality of life significantly reduced. "Xàbia needs a more efficient and controlled change in the way it acts in order to manage the resources and municipal spaces better; that will return Jávea to its position as a tourist benchmark. It is incredible that such a spectacular area with unparalleled natural and architectural spaces is neglected in such a way that certain areas of the locality are losing prestige."


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