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La Grava, L'Arenal and La Granadella will fly coveted award during this summer

Thursday 10th May 2018

JAVEA NEWS | 2018 Blue Flags

Three Xàbia beaches have been awarded the coveted blue flag status for 2018 by the ADEAC, the Spanish branch of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), which means that they have met its stringent standards for water quality, safety, environmental education and information and the provision of services and general environmental management criteria.

The beaches are Playa de la Grava in the port, Playa del Arenal and Playa de la Granadella, all of which retain the status for another year. For the popular Arenal beach this means that it has been identified as meeting these standards for more than 30 successive years. The smaller stone beach of La Grava has long been popular and has recently been adapted to provide safe bathing throughout the year. And the beach at La Granadella has recently been regarded as the best beach in Spain through a poll conducted by TV channel Antena 3. In addition, Club Náutico de Jávea has also been awarded blue flag status in the marina section for its work in promoting the protection of a natural area and respect of environmental issues.

The Comunidad Valenciana as a whole has been awarded 132 blue flags, three more than 2017, and is now the region in Spain with the largest number of awards after Galicia (109), Catalonia (101) and Andalusia (97). Spain has led the world in gaining blue flag status for its beaches ever since the awards were first issued in 1987 and this year a total of 590 beaches around the country will be able to fly the coveted flag, almost a dozen more than 2017. Greece is second followed by Turkey, France and Italy. The total number of flags including marina and sustainable boats reaches almost 700 for Spain, reflecting a top class environmental policy and quality of service in all three categories.

La Grava, El Arenal y La Granadella

Tres playas en Xàbia ha estado dado el distinción de Bandera Azul esta semana por la Asociación de Educación Ambiental y del Consumidor (ADEAC) Para un año más, las playas de La Grava, La Granadella y El Arenal continuarán a exhibir la bandera codiciada. Ademas la bandera azul ha estado otorgada también al Club Náutico de Jávea.

 ADEAC es la filial española de la Fundación para la Educación Ambiental (FEE), lo que significa que las playas cumplen con los estrictos estándares de calidad del agua, seguridad, educación e información ambiental y la provisión de servicios y criterios generales de gestión ambiental.


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