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The workshop will take place on Wednesday 25th at SeeMontgó

Wednesday 25th April 2018

JAVEA NEWS | Beer & Bytes Xàbia

Successful business people from the music industry will be taking the lead in the latest edition of the 'Beer & Bytes' workshop, a season of professional discussions developed and promoted by the Department of Economic Development at the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia.

The 'Beer & Bytes' initiative was created at the beginning of 2017 by CREAMA Xàbia to bring together business people, employers, entrepreneurs, students and anyone else who wants to listen to the experiences and advice of successful people in Xàbia to learn and become motivated in the world of business.

The latest meeting will be taking place this evening Wednesday 25th May at 8.00pm at a new venue in the Arenal, SeeMongó-Relax & Events Restaurant (formerly Laguna Ribs) next to Karting Xàbia in Calles Cannes next the Camping El Naranjal. The speakers who will be talking about their experiences and offering some valuable advice will be Josan Serrano, promoter of the MontgoRock Xàbia Festival, Miguel Lema and Matias Vacanas from Musicologic, an online music service for companies and brands, and Raul Albi from BitSound, a company which provides music and entertainment for weddings and other events as well as many of the open-air discos at the various fiestas of the town throughout the year.

These meetings have been designed to encourage and promote contact between business people and after the presentations there will be a chance to talk about the ideas that emerged from the talks as well as exchanges one's own ideas and experiences and even forge new business relationships in an informal environment.

La cita es el miércoles por la tarde en el See Montgó

El área de Fomento Económico de Xàbia sigue con su calendario de encuentros Beers & Bytes y esta semana la cita tiene un marcado protagonismo musical. Será el miércoles 25 de abril, a partir de las 20 horas  en el SeeMontgó-relax & events restaurant (en el karting Xàbia) y permitirá conocer las experiencias y consejos de Josan Serrano (promotor del Montgorock Xàbia Festival), Miguel Lema y Matias Vacanas (Musicologic) y Raul Albi (Bit Sound), grandes emprendedores de Xàbia.

Como es costumbre en estos encuentros para promover contactos entre emprendedores, tras las ponencias habrá espacio para intercambiar impresiones de forma distendida, comentar las ideas que han surgido a raíz de las charlas e incluso encontrar oportunidades de negocio entre las personas asistentes.

Beers & Bytes es una iniciativa que se lleva a cabo desde Creama Xàbia desde principios del año pasado para reunir a empresarios, trabajadores, emprendedores, estudiantes o cualquier persona que tenga ganas por aprender y cada edición obtiene muy buenos resultados.


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