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The traditional 'baixada' includes a torchlight parade down from the Calvario chapel

Saturday 24th February 2018

JAVEA NEWS | Jesus Nazareno - La Baixada

Mayor José Chulvi met with the Ladies Guild of Jesús Nazareno to finalise preparations for the traditional descent of the treasured image under torchlight next Sunday 4th March. The 'baixada' takes place on the Third Sunday of Lent and sees the townsfolk gather at the iconic blue-domed Calvario Chapel to accompany the image, which arrived in Xàbia more than 250 years ago, down the hill to the heart of the historic centre where it will sit proudly inside the ancient church of San Bartolomé until Thursday 3rd May.

The ladies revealed the programme for the forthcoming fiestas which honour Jesús Nazareno which really begin at the end of April. However the first act is the descent of the image which this year will be carried on the shoulders of the brotherhood on top of a new platform which has been funded by the Ladies Guild.

The evening will begin at 6.30pm when municipal authorities and local clergy leave from the church square to walk up to the Calvario Chapel. At around 7.00pm, the images of Jesús Nazareno and his mother the Virgin Mary will be carried down along the winding Vía Crucis, through the grand tosca arch at its beginning and down into the town, all the while accompanied by townsfolk carrying burning torches and music provided by the town band. Approximately 90 minutes after leaving the chapel, the images will be carefully carried through the doors of the church of San Bartolomé where they will remain for the next two months.

During that time, it will be carried around the historic quarter in a solemn Good Friday procession and be honoured during the special celebrations at the end of April and beginning of May which will include bull-running in the Placeta del Convent, flower offerings to the image, the wonderful flower crosses, music and dancing before being carried back up to the chapel on Thursday 3rd May, an event marked by the thunderous 'mascletà' and a final night lit by colourful fireworks.

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La bajada del Nazareno será el domingo 4 de marzo

El alcalde de Xàbia, José Chulvi, se ha reunido ayer con la Cofradía de Señoras de Jesús Nazareno para ultimar los preparativos de la procesión de bajada de Jesús Nazareno que se celebrará el próximo domingo 4 de marzo. Las cofrades han entregado al responsable municipal el programa de actos litúrgicos que acompañan a esta procesión, en la que la imagen lucirá unas andas renovadas, mejora financiada por la cofradía de Señoras.

Respecto al horario de la Bajada, como es tradición, será a las 18’30 horas cuando salga la comitiva formada por el clero parroquial y autoridades locales desde la plaza de la iglesia, para a las 19 horas empezar la procesión de Jesús Nazareno desde la ermita del Calvario hasta la iglesia de San Bartolomé, donde permanecerá hasta el 3 de mayo.


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