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Popular Party has met with local architects over concerns about planning in Xàbia

Wednesday 7th February 2018

JAVEA NEWS | PP Statement - PGOU

The Partido Popular has issued a statement outlining the concerns of local architects about planning in Xàbia including the perceived inconsistencies in the preliminary version of the PGOU, the municipal development plan, and the difficulty in obtaining licences for works which often force them to turn down jobs in the town due to delays and concerns over legal insecurity.

The full statement is reproduced below:


Last week, a group of concerned architects from Jávea, through their own initiative, met with the Partido Popular of Xàbia, in order to share their concern over the three most important problems that Javea's town planning is facing.

The professionals expressed their worries over the inconsistencies shown in the preliminary version of the General Structural Plan exhibited to the public in 2017 and their concern that this version might be approved without having taken into consideration the contributions of the Local Consultative Council on Urbanism and the Environment which this group of professionals had prepared expressly and selflessly for the General Plan of Jávea in order to solve the problems created in the current General Plan. They highlighted the lack of uses that exist despite the declassification of land throughout the municipality and they expect that this General Plan will mean the halt to development in Jávea.

The second important concern results from the consequences that we will have to face in the absence of a sewerage network in the town and that this is the condition for not granting licences. The architects and developers cannot understand why the City of Jávea does not plan to solve this problem given that another reason why licences are not requested is that people know they will not be granted.

And finally, the architects reiterated the difficulties they constantly face with the Jávea town planning department in attempting to obtain licences and carry out their professional assignments. They have projects held up within the Town Council and it is most complicated when they have to face and give explanations to their clients as to why they still have not had their licence granted. They have to explain to them that the Town of Jávea does not come close to meeting the deadlines set by the law, and that this is typical, the reason is not understood by architects, or indeed by anyone. The professional architects of Jávea are angry and at the same time discouraged, many of them are forced to not to take on jobs that have to be completed in Jávea due to the slowness and legal insecurity. They look for professional success in the region's other towns such as Calp, Benissa or Teulada in which the Town Halls grant the licences requested for their projects.

For this reason we offer once again to collaborate and we also ask this local PSOE government, with Chulvi at its head, to take good note of all these complaints, put in the necessary means and solve the problems as soon as possible. Unless it is their intention to grind this important sector of the local economy to a halt and with it all the jobs that it generates.


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