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Opposition party claims it shows lack of respect and indifference towards foreign visitors and residents

Monday 29th January 2018

JAVEA NEWS | PP Valencia

The Partido Popular has claimed that advertising Xàbia's upcoming cultural programme only in the Valencian language demonstrates a lack of sensitivity and respect and shows indifference towards foreign residents and visitors who don't understand it.

In a statement released today, it said that the promotion of cultural events should not be limited to material published in Valencian and should be made available to all, especially those who don't understand the language, such as tourists from outside the region and foreign residents of the town which make up a large proportion of the population.

It continued that leaflets and posters printed only in the local language was a serious error, especially when the town was represented at the recent FITUR International Tourism Fair by images of it being a hive of cultural activity. And it claimed that this is not the first time.

The statement said that whilst the PP is in favour of maintaining and strengthening the local heritage and giving the language pride of place, the Ayuntamiento shouldn't be so rash as to not offer material in Spanish and at least English as well in order to better open up the town's culture to all. It continued that foreign residents, who make up more than half of the registered population of Xàbia, should be especially considered as well as the large numbers of Spanish-speaking and foreign tourists who visit the town.

It finished by saying that whilst the town is a multicultural place and the governing team acknowledge this, there are very few examples to demonstrate that they are doing anything more than paying lip service to that multiculturalism.

The full statement - also available in Spanish below - reads:

It shows a lack of sensitivity, respect and indifference towards our neighbours and our foreign residents.

"The promotion of cultural events in Xàbia can not be limited to material published in Valencian: our cultural offerings attract tourists and as such advertisements should be accessible to all visitors and to the residents of our town.

For the leaflets and posters which include the programming for cultural events to be printed only in Valencian is a serious error-especially when Javea was represented at the very recent Fitur exhibition by images of the town as a hive of cultural activity.

We agree that, after experiencing many years of excellent cultural activities in Xàbia, because of both the diverse events that take place and those which are more traditional, the town has a very interesting, varied and extensive portfolio to offer.

But to promote it only in leaflets and posters written in Valenciano is not acceptable! This is not the first time ...

We are in favor of maintaining and strengthening our heritage and our language, and we must give Valencian pride of place, but we must not be so rash as to not offer material in Spanish and at least English as well  in order to better open up our culture to all. We should especially consider our foreign residents who make up 51% of our registered population and also the large numbers of Spanish speaking and foreign tourists who visit us.

We are a multicultural people and those who govern us, with our mayor Chulvi as leader, would acknowledge this but there are very few examples to demonstrate that they are doing more than paying the fact lip service."


Es una falta de sensibilidad, respeto e indiferencia hacia nuestros vecinos y residentes extranjeros.

La promoción de los eventos culturales en Xàbia no puede quedar limitado al Valenciano, la oferta cultural es un reclamo turístico y como tal debe planificarse con el alcance a todos los visitantes y residentes de nuestro municipio. Que los folletos físicos y posters de la programación de cultura estén impresos sólo en Valenciano es un grave error. Y más cuando acaban de volver de Fitur con la imagen turística promocionada por la programación cultural de Xàbia.

Que estamos de acuerdo en que después de muchos años de riqueza cultural en Xàbia por sus múltiples eventos que se mantienen , más los existentes Xàbia tiene una oferta muy interesante, variada y extensa. Pero promocionarlo sólo en folletos y posters en Valenciano no es de recibo ¡!Y no es la primera vez…

Nosotros estamos a favor de mantener y potenciar nuestro patrimonio y nuestra lengua,  y primero que todo debemos utilizar el valenciano pero,  no debemos ser tan radicales y eliminar ó no ofrecer el castellano y como mínimo también el inglés para poder hacer llegar nuestra cultura a cuantos más mejor. Sobre todo a nuestros residentes extranjeros que son el 51% de nuestra población censada y a los múltiples turistas castellanos y extranjeros que nos visitan.

Que somos un pueblo multicultural y bien que se les llena la boca de decirlo a los que nos gobiernan con nuestro alcalde Chulvi al frente, pero poco ejemplo que dan.


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