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Critics suggest that Xàbia policy at FITUR in Madrid lacks the vision to attract visitors to the town during 2018

Friday 19th January 2018

JAVEA NEWS | PP Statement

Whilst mayor José Chulvi and his staff have been showcasing Xàbia at the International Tourism Fair (FITUR) in Madrid, critics have suggested that the promotion of an auditorium that has not yet been built has created an illusion as to what the town really has to offer to the potential visitor. A video presentation has been shown during the fair in which a digital representation of the auditorium, which is expected to be complete in the spring of 2019, features prominently whilst also highlighting other cultural attractions offer by the town.

A statement released by the PP in Xàbia, which launched a damning appraisal of mayor José Chulvi's achievements - or rather their perceived lack of them  - earlier this week (click here to read more), suggested that the presentation of an unbuilt auditorium at the tourism fair to attract visitors to the town during 2018 lacked vision, asking "Will Xàbia gain more tourism during 2018 thanks to this auditorium of the future?" The statement accused the PSOE of failing to present a single tourism idea at the biggest tourism fair of the year and feared that Xàbia "will not prosper" because of that lack of vision. "You really have to plant many seeds this week to enable a good harvest of tourists throughout the whole of the year 2018."

The PP also claimed that the new auditorium will not even be the best in the region when it is completed, suggesting that such an accolade should probably be afforded to the more-established centre in Teulada-Moraira or that in Altea or maybe even the new auditorium being built by the LAUDE international school in Poble Nou de Benitatxell which, when completed, will have a larger capacity, 640 seats as opposed to the 550 offered by Xàbia.

The full statement reads as follows:

According to the latest news, the image of Xàbia u
sedforthe International Tourism Fair (FITUR 2018), which is being held this week in Madrid, is that of the future auditorium. The auditorium will be built (if all goes well) by the middle of 2019.

The town of Xàbia has recently hosted an expensive and international media forum “Mediterrània Xabia Forum Sustainable Destinations” and it seems that from this no ideas were obtained on how to promote our tourism; it is puzzling that, after being the seat of the forum, we introduce ourselves at FITUR without endorsing our tourism using the principles and commitments of sustainable tourismin which we were given "lessons"! How is it possible that out of all the participating cities that exhibited their work to promote sustainable tourism, Xàbia has not been able to present a single tourism idea at the biggest tourism fair of 2018?

Xàbia may lack a lot but what it does not lack is the ability to gather together its best qualities and to be the leading place for the promotion of sustainable tourism; to promote the excellent and varied local cuisine; to promote the new Michelin star (there are already two for our municipality); to promote the varied fiestas and cultural events; family tourism and sports; and the best of all which is that Xàbia has among the top three healthiest and most exclusive world microclimates and this enables all year round tourism.

Tourism today is our way of life and we have to display everything, a huge amount, that we have; what we do not possess - better keep quiet! At the fair we will be treated as illusionists how men selling and promoting what we do not have, announcing and creating a virtual auditorium that does not yet exist and that will not be completed for a year and a half. This auditorium will not be the best in the area. Perhaps that accolade goes to the Teulada-Moraira auditorium, which has already been in operation for some time, maybe to the auditórium in Altea, or the one in Benitatxell which is being built thanks to the Laude international school and which will have more seats (640) than the one in Xàbia (550).

Promoting Xàbia 2018 on an international scale under the umbrella of an auditorium that will not be in existence during this year is not the most appropriate. Will Xàbia gain more tourism during 2018 thanks to this auditórium of the future?

Dear fellow citizens, if the tourist vision of our PSOE rulers is at this level, we will not prosper, because Mr. Chulvi, here we live because of tourism and Xàbia does not have that many tourists, no matter however much you believe it. Our companies, shops, bars, restaurants, they cannot live on the proceeds of only one and a half months a year. And the rest of the year? What? Tourism is employment and employment is everything. You really have to plant many seeds this week to enable a good harvest of tourists throughout the whole of the year 2018.

Please, a little more vision for the future and the prosperity of our town.


Según las últimas noticias, la imagen de Xàbia para la Feria Internacional de Turismo (Fitur2018),  que se celebra esta semana en Madrid, será el futuro auditorio. El auditorio se construirá  y se espera que las obras estén concluidas, si todo sale bien, a mediados del año 2019.

Ha sido el municipio de Xàbia  el que ha realizado hace poco el costoso y mediático foro internacional Mediterrània Xabia Forum Destinos Sostenibles,  y parece ser que del mismo no se han obtenido ideas para promocionar nuestro turismo, es desconcertante que después de ser la sede del foro, nos presentemos en Fitur sin avalar un turismo con los principios y compromisos del turismo sostenible del que hemos dado “lecciones”… ¿ Cómo es posible que del turismo que todas las ciudades participantes  que expusieron sus trabajos  de fomento al turismo  sostenible, no se haya obtenido ninguna idea para Xàbia para poder presentarla  en la gran feria del turismo de 2018 ?

Xàbia puede carecer de mucho, pero de lo que no carece es de reunir  las mejores cualidades y de ser el mejor lugar para promocionar el turismo sostenible, promocionar la excelente y variada gastronomía local, promocionar a la nueva estrella Michelín y ya van dos para nuestro municipio, las variadas Fiestas y eventos culturales, el turismo familiar, el deportivo y  lo mejor de Xàbia es estar entre los 3 primeros mejores y exclusivos microclimas mundiales,  para tener un turismo durante todo un año.

El turismo hoy por hoy es nuestro medio de vida y hay que mostrar todo lo que tenemos que es mucho, pero lo que no tenemos… mejor callar. En la feria nos tratarán  de feriantes ilusionistas por vender y promocionar lo que no se tiene, por anunciar y recrear virtualmente un  Auditorio que  todavía no existe y que estará terminado dentro de año y medio.  Este auditorio hoy por hoy no es lo mejor que tenemos, no es nuestra primicia, quizás sea la primicia de Teulada-Moraira, que ya tienen uno funcionando desde hace tiempo, de Altea, de Benitatxell que se está construyendo gracias al colegio internacional Laude con más plazas (640) que el de Xàbia (550).

Promocionar Xàbia a escala internacional bajo el paraguas de un Auditorio inexistente durante todo el 2018 no es lo más adecuado. ¿Tendrá  Xàbia durante el 2018 más turismo gracias a este futuro auditorio?

Estimados vecinos, si la visión turística de nuestros gobernantes del Psoe está a este nivel…. Así no prosperamos,  porque señor Chulvi, aquí se vive del Turismo y a Xàbia no le sobran turistas por mucho que lo crean, nuestras empresas, comercios, bares, restaurantes,… No viven de sólo 1 mes y medio al año. Y el resto del año qué? … El turismo es empleo y el empleo lo es todo,  hay que  sembrar esta semana para tener una buena cosecha durante todo el año 2018.

Por favor, un poco más de visión de futuro y de prosperidad para nuestro municipio.


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