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Mayor José Chulvi agrees grant of 45,000 euros

Friday 29th December 2017


The Ayuntamiento de Xàbia has renewed its funding agreement with the 'Asociación Protectora de Animales San Antonio (APASA)' dog shelter to the tune of 45,880 euros. Mayor José Chulvi signed the agreement with Mandy Conway, president of the association, in the presence of councillor Doris Courcelles (Environment).

APASA was formed in 1999 by a group of Spanish, English, German and Swiss residents who wanted to deal actively with the problem of abandoned, mistreated and lost dogs in the municipality. At the time there existed a dog shelter which was able to accommodate almost two dozen dogs in the most basic of conditions without adequate shelter from the sun or running water and an open hole to dump the waste.

With a handful of volunteers, the association took over the running of the shelter in the summer of 1999 and created a centre from which dogs could be walked, fostered and treated if necessary. They abandoned the policy of destroying stray, abandoned or lost dogs after a ten day stay and the animals are now kept in the shelter until the association can find a new owner.

Now the APASA dog shelter houses on average some 240 dogs at any one time. This service costs a lot of money with around 2,000 euros a month required for food and water and a whopping 45,000 euros on vets bills. The association relies on member subscriptions and sponsorships to help as well as funding from the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia.

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El Ayuntamiento de Xàbia renueva su apoyo económico a la protectora APASA

El Ayuntamiento de Xàbia ha renovado el convenio de colaboración económica con la Asociación Protectora de Animales San Antonio (APASA) y que comporta una subvención municipal de 45.880 euros.

El alcalde,  José Chulvi, y la presidenta de la protectora, Mandy Conway han rubricado esta mañana el acuerdo en presencia de la concejala de Medio Ambiente, Doris Courcelles.

APASA es un grupo formado por voluntarios que se encarga desde hace años de recoger los perros abandonados en el municipio, mantenerlos en la perrera y asistir a la llamada de la Policía Local cuando se localiza un animal peligroso suelto. El Ayuntamiento de Xàbia colabora así con una asociación que asume un importante servicio.


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