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The concert will take place on Saturday 9th December at 8.00pm

Sunday 3rd December 2017

JAVEA NEWS | Jessica's Concerts

The Lifestyle Company Jessica Bataille will be hosting the last of four concerts for 2017 with a Christmas Candlelight Concert on Saturday 9th December at 8.00pm. The Frescobaldi Ensamble will be offering a special festive programme that expresses both the reflective and the festive side of Christmas with highlights from the Baroque period and some beautiful arias from soprano María Estal Vera.

Prior to the concert, Jessica's team transforms the interior design showroom into a cosy theatre bedecked with living and lifestyle decorations. Valencian music promoter Adrían van Dongen explained that "this creates an intimate atmosphere during the concert allowing the professional musicians to have direct contact with their audience.

The Christmas programme will feature music by Bach, Vivaldi, Corelli, Händel and Tartina interspersed with Christmas Carols. The music will be performed by Amparo Campo Contreras (violin), José Duce Chenoll (harpischord) and Adrián van Dongen (cello) with soprano María Estal Vera.

Jessica Bataille explained: "I started a concert a while ago because I got involved in a beautiful project related to young talents in music. My father loved music and he was my big inspiration. He encouraged me to dance ballet and to play the piano. As a young student, he always drove me to any performance that I wanted to go to.  I lost my father when I was only 11 years old.  His early death made me stop doing everything he had encouraged me to do, particularly music."

"Years later, when I created my studio, I wanted to name it ‘the lifestyle company’.  Yet I could not decide what I was going to do with it. Who knows what one might be doing by the time you get to be 30? So I started many activities in the studio simultaneously:  a work space, an interior decorating shop, a gallery, a shop, a theater stage with curtains and a grand piano.  Unlimited areas in which I could become creative. It took me years to realize that my dream of music is never going to go away. So I might as well give it everything I’ve got now. 

"Helping young talented children into music was the most fulfilling experience I have ever encountered. Their illusion together with their innocence is probably the strongest drive to achieve their dreams. And here we are, twenty-two years after opening my first shop, I am ready to share this with all of you.  To friends of music:  you are welcome to all these aspects that I love.  Just come to ‘my living room’ at The Lifestyle Company which we transform into a theater for the evenings of our concerts! On the 9th of December, the magic of classical baroque Christmas highlights will be played by a group of outstanding professional musicians from Valencia. Let’s give them a podium to perform for us at The Lifestyle Company in Jávea!  In 2018, I would like to continue with a new beautiful program.”

The Christmas Candlelight Concert will be at The Lifestyle Company in Calle Bruselas 8 on the corner with Calle Roma. Tickets are priced at 17,50 euros (drinks included)and will be available at the venue from 7.00pm.


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