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A representation will be made to the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia to express their concerns

Wednesday 2nd August 2017

JAVEA NEWS | Residents Meeting

Almost 50 residents met on Monday evening to discuss the effect of the Granadella 'park-and-ride' pilot project on their neighbourhood and community, the consequence of which had been described last month as a 'living hell' after streets had become clogged with parked cars and driveways blocked by vehicles as well as an increase in rubbish strewn across the area.

Many nationalities who have homes in the zone were represented, including Spanish, English, German, French and Dutch. Councillor Kika Mata, whose department was responsible for setting up the pìlot, had offered to attend the meeting to explain the purpose of the project and explore solutions with the residents but the organisers requested that she not attend.

The meeting lasted some two hours and it was clear that the majority of those who attended objected to the location of the car-park and the method of the implementation of the project as a whole. They considered that it lacked in-depth assessment, logical analysis of potential problems which they said had already occurred as well as the effect of the local residents by transferring the problems suffered by those in Granadella in previous summers to the Costa Nova zone.

The issues that concerned the residents included:

- the clear lack of consultation with residents in Costa Nova;
- the ad-hoc implementation to date;
- the lack of clarity and the incongruity in the objectives of the project and the criteria used to determine the success of the project;
- fire safety implications which was of extreme concern to residents particularly since Costa Nova was severely affected by evacuation last year during the fire emergency;
- other health and safety issues, such sanitation, visual pollution, dust, rubbish, noise, extra potential for traffic accidents, etc.;
- other effects on residents such as the quality of life and the partial destruction of a much loved green zone etc.;
- concerns regarding large numbers of people in the coves in high season in the event of a disaster/emergency scenario.

The meeting also discussed solutions and sites to achieve the same objectives, such as a public and commercial bus service operating privately running from the town centre to serve all the coves and miradors which would potentially have no costs to residents of Xàbia and the Ayuntamiento. (A public bus service between the town and Cap de la Nau was suspended a few years ago.) Many other potential idea and solutions where put forward and discussed.

The meeting resolutions included:

- a mandate for a small team to represent the residents in discussion with the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia;
- to compile a full report of the meeting and make representation to key members of the Ayuntamiento to include  mayor Jose Chulvi and councillors Kika Mata (Services), Isabel Bolufer (Urban Planning), Doris Courcelles (Urbanisations) and Pepa Gisbert (Public Safety);
- to undertake a petition in Spanish, English, German, Dutch and French and present this to the Ayuntamiento;
- to commission an independent fire safety assessment (see below).

The group stressed that they want to work with the Ayuntamientol to achieve a positive outcome that will both meet the requirements of a safe solution to the Granadella parking issue and that will satisfy the residents serious and valid concerns. It is in the interests of both the residents and the Ayuntamiento to achieve a long lasting solution, and this is surely the best possible outcome for Xàbia. To achieve this, the group is to request meetings with the above councillors to engage with Costa Nova residents within the next two weeks.

An independent fire and risk assessment was carried out by a company called Euratex Ltd on the morning of Wednesday 2nd August with the following comments from the initial report:

"I don't think the council have quite grasped the fact that once a fire takes hold there will be nobody around to tackle a fire which will consume dozens of unoccupied motor vehicles in a very short space of time.  I surveyed the site on a quiet day.  One evacuation route was partially blocked to the extent that a fire engine would not be able to access the site easily.  On a busy day I believe that the two secondary routes would be blocked and the main evacuation route partially blocked.  In 40 years of fire and explosion risk assessment it is fair to say this is the most poorly conceived and dangerous layout I have ever surveyed.  There is a total disregard for the safety of the users and residents.  The users themselves have a blatant disregard for the environment and their own safety.  Quite how the council can reconcile this after sustaining an extensive fire in the area without major injury or death is quite extraordinary."

Una traducción al español no está disponible en este momento.


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