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Draft General Plan for the town's future development is now available for public consultation

Saturday 10th June 2017

JAVEA NEWS | PGOU Statement Mayor

Mayor José Chulvi has reacted to criticism from certain quarters to the publication of the draft proposal of the PGE - the General Structural Plan - with an open letter in which he explains his government's vision for the future of Xàbia which calls for an end for urban expansion to preserve a unique place in the Mediterranean.

After an extraordinary council meeting last Wednesday approved the submission of the draft version of the PGE to public scrutiny, there were suggestions that the document was 'steamrollered' through its first phase with little opportunity to discuss its proposals with Oscar Ánton of Xàbia Democrática accusing the socialist group of using their numerical advantage to impose the plan.

In his response, the mayor explains that his government team wants a plan that defends the town's unique values as a Mediterranean community and claims that the vision for the future was very much the same as most of its residents: "We like the Xàbia we know and we want it to remain so". He also asks those accusing the socialist group of imposing the plan to come up with an alternative and accuses them of wanting to return the town to a past "that depended on a single sector that made us into one of the most vulnerable communities in the crisis".

As revealed on Thursday when the PGE was made public, one of the clearest proposals is to bring an end to urban expansion, preferring a policy of "inward growth" to concentrate on already developed land and the mayor confirms the stance: "With plots already prepared for construction within developed zones ... means that new pockets of land are not lost, there is work for the next few decades" adding that he works for local businesses rather than those from outside which come in to build the big developments.

He finished by speaking about pride. "May we continue to live and work with pleasure in it and that in the future our residents and visitors can continue to look at Xàbia with affection and pride. The pride of having preserved a unique place in the Mediterranean."

The full letter is below:

Xàbia - Mediterranean and Sustainable
When we presented ourselves at the 2015 elections, one of the core ideas was that "we are playing with the future for the next 20 years", referring, amongst other things to the Plan General which has just been published in its first phase.

Our vision for Xàbia is much the same that of most of our residents. We are proud that, through hard work and important consensus, our town has become an example for environmental, cultural and economic sustainability in the Comunidad Valenciana. Frankly, the alternatives were to protect that which makes us unique or lose everything in the short term. Instead this government team, working with social and economic experts, has taken measures to safeguard our quality of life and our most unique spaces as a way to defend the local economy and maintain our competiveness.

As an example, we have put into place schemes to manage access to the Granadella Cove, which will come into force very soon, applied measures to protect the Cova Tallada, promoted a project to convert the lighthouse of San Antoni into a visitor centre for the Marine Reserve, marked off the sea caves (to prevent motor vessels from entering them) and will host the Mediterranean Destinations Forum in October. These are just a few examples of which, for our part, the cards have always been on the table: our model for Xàbia is based on the defence of its unique values as a Mediterranean town. And it was precisely this model, clearly stated, that received the most support in past elections. On the other hand, it shouldn't be forgotten that the PGE collects a large part of suggestions from our residents through different participation workshops. And the answer has been unanimous: we like the Xàbia we know and we want it remain so.

The PGE that we are presenting now is the fruit of 11 years of work (since it initially began its review in 2006) which received an important boost in the last two years by the team led by councillor Isabel Bolufer (Town Planning). We are convinced that it improves on the plan of 1990 in several aspects: it brings to an end the legal uncertainties of the conflicts of regulations with the new guidelines for the use of territory (PORN del Montgó, PATFOR, PATRICOVA, PATIVEL) and puts an end to the speculative conception of the same territory. Xàbia is the place where want to main our quality of life and where we want to continue to attract visitors and investors from all over the world. Surely those who accuse us of deliberately preventing facts from becoming public (doubling the length of public consultation and more than a decade of work seems lost of them) want to return us to a past that depended on a single sector that made us into one of the most vulnerable communities in the crisis. It would be well that, with the same transparency that we show, to make public their alternative: Build more? Exhaust the model? Ruin Xàbia?

The plan which we are presenting guarantees the good performance of the local economy. With plots already prepared for construction within developed zones which means that new pockets of land are not lost, there is work for the next few decades. I also work for our companies not for the outside businesses which build the big developments. Likewise, the rehabilitation and renovation of existing housing stock guarantees the sustainable activity of the construction sector.

Speaking of the economy, we wanted more and better opportunities for the people. Having a pleasant village in which to live with services provided by its residentrs, guranteed basic supplies, reasonable expectations of growth and a unique territory is a great opportunity to diversify and modernise the economic sector. In the global market of new technologies, Xàbia can realistically aspire to become a centre of attraction for important investments which we are already beginning to see. This model allows us to attract new talent as well as preparing young people so that are not forced to leave and generate business without consuming resources that are irrecoverable.

For all this, I am convinced that this PGE is a good plan. It is not considered as a private project for the benefit of a few - I don't have plots or represent professionally anyone who has them - but one which aims to preserve the soul of this town. May we continue to live and work with pleasure in it and that in the future our residents and visitors can continue to look at Xàbia with affection and pride. The pride of having preserved a unique place in the Mediterranean. The one that says "Junt, fem Xàbia" - "Together, we are Xàbia".

José F. Chulvi Español
Alcalde de Xàbia

Xàbia, mediterránea y sostenible

Cuando nos presentamos a las elecciones de 2015 una de nuestras ideas fuerza era "nos jugamos el futuro de los próximos 20 años". Nos referíamos, entre otras cosas, al Plan General que ahora acaba de ver publicada su primera fase.

Nuestra sensibilidad y la visión que este equipo tiene de Xàbia y de su evolución es la de la mayoría de nuestros vecinos y vecinas. Y estamos orgullos de haber conseguido, a base de trabajo y de consensos importantes, que nuestro pueblo se haya convertido en un referente de sostenibilidad ambiental, cultural y económica en la Comunitat Valenciana. Francamente, las alternativas eran proteger lo que nos hace únicos o perderlo todo en el corto plazo. En vez de eso, este equipo de gobierno, en contacto con los agentes sociales y económicos, ha tomado medidas destinadas a salvaguardar nuestra calidad de vida y nuestros espacios más singulares como una forma de defender también la economía local y preservar nuestra competitividad. Como ejemplo tenemos la gestión al acceso a la Grandella, que se pondrá en marcha en los próximos días, la protección de la Cova Tallada, el proyecto de conversión del faro del Cap de Sant Antoni en Centro de Interpretación de la Reserva Marina, el balizamiento de cuevas marinas o el Fòrum de Destinos Mediterráneos que reunirá en octubre en Xàbia a los responsables de los enclaves de mayor éxito y prestigio de nuestro entorno. Son solo algunos ejemplos de que, por nuestra parte, las cartas han estado siempre encima de la mesa: nuestro modelo de Xàbia se basa en la defensa de sus valores únicos como pueblo mediterráneo. Y precisamente ese modelo, claramente expuesto, fue el que consiguió el mayor respaldo en las pasadas elecciones. Por otra parte, no hay que olvidar que el PGE recoge gran parte de las peticiones de nuestros vecinos y vecinas a lo largo de los diferentes talleres de participación. Y la respuesta ha sido unánime: Nos gusta la Xàbia que conocemos y queremos seguir siendo nosotros mismos.

En cuanto al Plan General Estructural que presentamos ahora es el fruto de 11 años de trabajo (desde que empezara su revisión en 2006) y de un importante impulso en los dos últimos por parte del equipo liderado por la concejala de Urbanismo, Isabel Bolufer. Estamos convencidos de que mejora al de 1990 en varios aspectos: por un lado acaba con la inseguridad jurídica de la colisión de esa norma con las nuevas directrices de uso del territorio (Porn del Montgó, Patfor, Patricova, Pativel) y por otro pone fin a la concepción especulativa de ese mismo territorio. Xàbia es el lugar donde queremos mantener nuestra calidad de vida y donde queremos seguir atrayendo a visitantes e inversores de todo el mundo. Seguramente quienes nos acusan de oscurantismo (se ve que doblar el tiempo legal de exposición pública y más de una década de trabajos les parece poco) lo que desearían es volver a la receta del pasado; la misma que nos convirtió por culpa de la excesiva dependencia de un solo sector en una de las Comunidades más vulnerables a la crisis. Estaría bien que, con la misma transparencia que practicamos nosotros, planteen abiertamente su alternativa: ¿Construir más? ¿Agotar el modelo? ¿Perder Xàbia?

El plan que presentamos además garantiza la buena marcha de la economía local. Con las parcelas ya preparadas para construir – dentro de núcleos desarrollados y sin consumir nuevas bolsas de territorio – hay trabajo para las próximas décadas; trabajo además para nuestras empresas, no para las mercantiles de fuera que desarrollan las grandes promociones. Asimismo, los trabajos de rehabilitación y reforma del parque de viviendas ya existente garantizan la actividad sostenida – y sostenible – del sector.

Hablando de economía, también en campaña electoral dijimos que queríamos más y mejores oportunidades para la gente. Tener un pueblo agradable en el que vivir, con servicios proporcionados a sus habitantes, con los suministros básicos garantizados, con expectativas razonables de crecimiento y un territorio único supone una gran oportunidad para diversificar y modernizar el tejido económico. En un mercado global de nuevas tecnologías, Xàbia puede aspirar de manera realista a convertirse en un foco de atracción para importantes inversiones, como ya estamos empezando a ver. Este modelo permite captar nuevo talento, que los jóvenes más preparados no se vean obligados a marcharse, y generar negocio sin consumir recursos que son irrecuperables.

Por todo ello estoy convencido de que este PGE es un buen plan. No está pensado en clave privada ni de beneficio para unos pocos – yo ni tengo parcelas ni represento profesionalmente a nadie que las tenga – sino que quiere preservar el alma de este pueblo. Que sigamos viviendo y trabajando a gusto en él y que en el futuro nuestros vecinos y visitantes puedan seguir mirando a Xàbia con cariño y con orgullo. El orgullo de haber preservado un lugar único en el Mediterráneo. El de decir que Junts, fem Xàbia.

José F. Chulvi Español
Alcalde de Xàbia


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