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Los Correcaminos takes the Leisure category in a new format

Tuesday 4th April 2017

JAVEA NEWS | Mirador Challenge 2017

The record was smashed in the 2017 edition of the Mirador Challenge at the weekend as The Frog and Roses recorded 3 hours and 57 minutes to push times under the four hour mark for the first time, something thought to have been almost impossible. And in the more sedate Leisure category in which points were more important than speed, Los Correcaminos came out top, having completed their task more successfully than other teams in their section. But congratulations should be extended to ALL thirty teams who took part in the 30 kilometre walk which connects 15 of the official viewpoints of Xàbia on one continuous route.

It was an almost perfect day for walking with clear skies and a cooling wind which almost kept down the temperature to a very manageable level. There was no escaping the heat though as the sun rose in the sky as thirty teams made their way from Mirador La Granadella in the south of the municipality to Mirador Els Molins in the north.

It was perhaps fitting that a team from the tourist office - XÀBIA TURISME TEAM - would get the competition going, crossing the start-line at exactly 8.00am. Ahead of them lay a 30 kilometre walk across the fire-damaged but recovering natural area of La Granadella, through the mazy streets of the urbanisations on the headland of Cabo de la Nao, along the wide bay of Xàbia towards the dramatic snout of Cabo de San Antonio onto which the teams would climb and then pass along to the finish line at the iconic windmills which make up Mirador Els Molins. An army of volunteers would guide their way, acting as checkpoint supervisors and marshalls pointing the way forwards.

THE FROG AND ROSES were the first team to cross the finish line at 13:12, closely followed by TEAM PESCADILLA at 13:15. It was a clear battle between two very fit and strong teams. The latter had started six minutes behind the former; the former had taken advantage of a rest at Mirador Creu del Portitxol, time which would be removed from their final time to give an adjusted total walking time. Team Pescadilla, runners-up by just a minute in 2016, seemed resigned to missing out on top spot once again. But nothing was final until the numbers were crunched at the end of the race and any penalties were taken into account. Third over the line would be the NORDIC WALKERS at 13:26 who would record their best ever time to finish in third spot.

Just two all-female teams competed in the Sports category with LAS LOCAS 2 crossing the line at 14:45 to record a total adjusted time of 5 hours 15 minutes and claim the trophy for the highest all-female team outside of the Top Three. Their compatriots LAS LOCAS 1 were the last to cross the line at 15:27, recording a very admirable time of 5 hours 48 minutes.

CLUBF!T POWER WALKERS were the first Leisure team to reach the windmills at 13:35, twenty-three minutes behind The Frog and Roses who had started some 50 minutes later. But the Leisure category was not all about speed. These teams had to face a series of questions as they passed along the route. Observation was the key. The eight questions had two answers and depending on the response of the team to each question, they would be handed one of two envelopes. If they were correct, they would receive two pieces of a jigsaw; if they were wrong, they would receive blank pieces. The objective was to try and answer the questions correctly so that they would arrived at the finish-line with 16 pieces of an image without any blanks. Two representatives from each team would then have five minutes to complete the jigsaw and correctly identify that the image was of a view taken from Mirador Les Pesqueres. No team completed the jigsaw but Los Correcaminos, who crossed the finish-line at 13:55, would be the most successful, collecting all 16 correct pieces and identifying the viewpoint.

FENOLL MARÍ would also collect all the pieces but failed to determine the photograph's source. It was a great effort for the all-female team who must have started the race somewhat demoralised after losing one of the team members who volunteered to act as event doctor after the authorities threatened to shut down the event if the organisers couldn't produce one. Needless to say, Lupes Totis would later be awarded a Michael Ballantyne Memorial Trophy for her willingness to step out of the Challenge to ensure that it could take place, a presentation accompanied by well-deserved prolonged applause from the rest of the teams.

In third place would finish MIRADORABLES, claiming a trophy for the first time at the third attempt at the Mirador Challenge. Once again, the key to their success was being able to collect as many correct jigsaw pieces as possible (14) and correctly identify the viewpoint. Picking up the highest-placed all-female team was the delightful PAGAFANTAS, quite possibly the noisiest team in the event which could be heard long before their arrival.

The special award for the team which covered the distance between Mirador Punta de l'Arenal to Mirador Cap de Sant Antoni - three kilometres flat followed by a three kilometre climb - was won by TEAM PESCADILLA who covered the distance in just 54 minutes, an event record, with an average speed of 6.7 kph, particularly amazing since teams had already covered almost 20 kilometres by the time they would start this section. The fastest Leisure side was the CBYA MACHOS who completed the section in 1 hour 7 minutes and also picked up the Veterans Trophy for their category with an average age of 70.0; DADS' BARMY would collect the same award for the Sports section with an average age of 53.8.

At a well-attended presentation evening at Bar Quo Vadis in the Arenal, who also hosted the team and volunteer briefings as well as supplied the picnic bags for all the teams, the winners were able to collect their awards and received the applause and accolate of a very appreciative audience.

The organisers would like to thank JAVEA HOME FINDERS and BAR QUO VADIS for their main sponsorship of the Mirador Challenge 2017, TELITEC COMMUNICATIONS for providing some 500 bottles of drinking water which were well-appreciated by the walkers as the temperature rose, and HAMILTONS OF LONDON for supplying the post-race snacks and drinks at the finish-line. They also want to thank DLM DIGITAL, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT JAVEA and CLUBF!T for the sponsorship of the trophies as well as KRU PELUQUERIA,  JARDIN SOSTENIBLE, COSTA BLANCA YACHT ASSOCIATION, COSTA LEVANTE SERVICEBÜRO, HANNY DEE INTOLERANCE TESTING, FLATPAXABIA, AD LAWTON CONSTRUCCIONES, BARBER SHOP JAVEA PARK, MIMI, THE NAIL STATION, DIGBY'S SPORTS BAR, CENTRO TERAPIA FISICA, VÜ LONDON and ORIGINAL Y COPIA / DEPORTEYCOLOR for their valuable support.

Click here to discover more about the Mirador Challenge.


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3:57 - The Frog and Roses
4:06 - Team Pescadilla
4:16 - Nordic Walkers
4:20 - The Originals
4:21 - Team Mamil
4:48 - Day Release
4:50 - Dads' Barmy
5:00 - Happy Feet
5:15 - Las Locas 2
5:21 - Los Suecos Locos
5:48 - Las Locas 1

Los Correcaminos - 117.5
Fenoll Marí - 106.5
Miradorables - 103.0
Guardian Angels - 96.0
Pagafantas - 91.5
Scrambled Leggs - 91.0
Sole Sisters - 88.5
ClubF!T Power Walkers - 88.0
CBYA Chicas - 87.0
No Pain No Gain - 85.5
Coast Busters - 83.5
ClubF!T X-Walkers - 81.0
Old Boots - 80.5
CBYA Machos - 79.0
The Wandering Yogasms - 77.5
Ricky and the Fitbits - 74.0
Xàbia Turisme Team - 70.0
Two Little Willies plus Girls - 65.0
ClubF!T Fun Walkers - 62.5


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