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From new Auditorium to Zero Noise via BREXIT and Fire

Sunday 1st January 2017

JAVEA NEWS | An A-Z Review of 2016

A is for AUDITORIUM - A proposal to construct a new auditorium on land next to the Music Conservatory began to take shape during 2016, a new multi-purpose 400 seat capacity facility which would cost around 2.3 million euros to build. In April, the Ayuntamiento opened the tender process for bids to produce the basic design of the new building, a project valued at 93,000 euros, which was won by Valencian architectural firm San Juan Arquitectura S.L. who provided a proposal for less than half that figure. In September, the Consell de Cultura reacted positively to a presentation outling the plans and technical details for the new theatre-auditorium with construction expected to begin in the second quarter of 2017 whilst in November the Generalitat Valenciana included the provision of equipment for the new building in their 2018 budget. Not everyone was happy with the new proposals though. Independent party Xàbia Democrática considered the proposed capacity of just over 500 people as too small for a town the size of Xàbia, comparing it to auditoriums in Teulada, which had more than 600 seats, and Altea with more than 800.

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B is for BREXIT – a vote that divided a nation and left thousands of ex-pats unsure of their futures. On Thursday 23rd June, 33.5 million people went to the polls to vote in a non-binding referendum to gauge support for the United Kingdom to remain in or leave the European Union. Thousands of expats who had lived outside of the UK for more than 15 years – including many in Xàbia – didn’t have the chance to cast their vote, despite lodging appeals to the High Court to change the rules prior to the poll. At the end of counting, 51.89% supported leaving the EU, a result which caught the British government off guard and forced the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron. In Xàbia where more than 5,300 registered residents come from the UK, mayor José Chulvi proposed a motion calling on the governments of Spain and the United Kingdom to negotiate a bilateral agreement to ensure that British citizens continued to enjoy the rights of living in Spain in the same way that residents from other non-EU citizens did whilst a meeting set up in early November between British Consul Sarah-Jane Moore and concerned residents reflected the uncertainty of Brexit. At the time of writing, the British government has yet to trigger Article 50 of the EU Treaty to begin the process of leaving and has faced a legal challenge that the referendum decision is not legally-binding and that the UK parliament has to be consulted before doing so. The UK remains in the EU for the foreseeable future.

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C is for CLIMBING BAN – In the year that the Centre Excursionista de Xàbia (CEX) celebrated its 40th anniversary, it was announced that the management of the Parque Natural del Montgó had decided to remove all fixed equipment that allows climbing in the Cova Ampla, the cavity that is often referred to as the ‘Eye of Montgó’ and effectively ban the sport of climbing on the mountain. The Comunidad Valenciana Mountain Sports and Climbing Federation (FEMCV) responded that the decision had been taken unilaterally without seeking an agreed solution and without warning, adding that it would have a negative effect on climbing in the area, a sport which for the most part respects the environment and is permitted in many other protected spaces in Spain, including the Penya d’Ifach in Calpe and Penyagolosa in Castellón, as well as those abroad such as Yosemite in the United States. The FEMCV wanted to work together the management of the PN Montgó to establish regulatory measures that would combine the sport whilst protecting the enviroment.

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D is for DROUGHT – For another year, the Marina Alta region continued to endure one of the worst droughts in recorded history with the municipal water company AMJASA working hard to maintain a drinking water supply not only to the town but also to surrounding municipalities such as Poble Nou de Benitatxell and Teulada. With aquifers and collection wells in the region at alarmingly low levels, the desalination plant was working at full capacity for the first time since its opening in 2001 and the company was forced to take further action to ensure supply during the busy summer with zoning policies and the regulation of water pressure. In December, a winter storm dropped an enormous amount of water on the region, raising levels of the squifers of Ocaive, Juanelo and Morets by an average of 25 metres but later reports warned that, despite the extended downpour, reservoirs in the Comunidad Valenciana remained at the lowest levels for seven years.

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E is for EMBOLAT – In late January, an incident during the celebrations honouring the town’s patron saint of Sant Sebastià resulted in the mayor José Chulvi announcing that the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia would no longer authorise the staging of the controversial ‘bou embolats’ during bull-running events in Xàbia. The practice involved attaching large metal frames onto the horns of the animals at the end of which was attached a small ball of flammable material which was set alight to provide an extra risk to those facing the charging animals. To attach the metal frames, the animal needed to be restrained against a heavy vertical wooden post by a thick rope thread through a hole in the post and held by dozens of volunteers. However during the Sant Sebastià celebrations, the wooden post broke free due to the enormous strength of the animal who then dragged it around the square for several seconds before the organisers could cut it free from the rope. Mayor Chulvi said that his decision had been taken in response to safety concerns, both for people and the animals, as well as a sign of the awareness of the town hall against animal abuse. Aficionados of the tradition refused to accept it and at the beginning of May more than 250 people marched through the historic centre to protest against the decision before gathering in front of the town hall to listen to former bullfighter Javier Vazquez refer to Ley 18/2013 which regulates the sport and calls it “part of the historical and cultural heritage of all Spaniards”, adding that Article 3 made it law that the public authorities had to guarantee its preservation and any prohibition was a crime. Mayor José Chulvi responded that he respected that everyone had the right to demonstrate and express their views but he would not change his decision. In September, a protest against bull-running in Xàbia attracted barely two dozen demonstrators.

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F is for FIRE – The Great Fire of Granadella. On Sunday 4th September, right in the middle of the celebrations in the port honouring Mare de Deu de Loreto, thick smoke began filling the sky to the south of the municipality and, as night fell, the hills were silhouetted in an eerie orange glow as a huge fire spread across the Granadella park and threatened the urbanisations on its flanks. Residents were evacuated – it was later reported that more than 1,000 were forced to leave – and fire-fighting assets from across the region joined local brigades, both professional and volunteer, to battle the inferno. Some of the fiesta programme was cancelled as the town rallied, offering beds to those displaced from their homes as well as collecting essentials to create emergency parcels. Separate smaller fires broke out in the Saladar zone close to the popular tourist zone of the Arenal, along the Carretera Jesús Pobre and at the rubbish tip in Ramblars, generating plenty of online speculation of deliberate arson. The situation became so intense that King Felipe VI asked to be kept informed and it was reported in the UK media although many could not help but smile as they placed Xàbia as a suburb of Benidorm. On Friday 9th September, many residents wore green T-shirts with the words “Xàbia Sempre Verda” (Xàbia Evergreen) during the staging of La Vuelta in the town to show solidarity with the fire-fighters and raise money for the volunteers whilst the expat community also rallied to produce their own T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “Jávea – The town with a big heart” which raised even more money for the ISVH Bomberos Voluntarios Balcón al Mar, Protección Civil de Xàbia and the Cruz Roja de Xàbia. On Monday 12th September, eight days after the blaze broke out in a small zone below a viewpoint above Poble Nou de Benitatxell, the fire was officially declared extinguished.

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G is for GRANADELLA – The fifth edition of the javeamigos.com Mirador Challenge, a 29 kilometre route which begins at the Mirador La Granadella in the south of the municipality and finishes at the Mirador Els Molins to the north, was won for the second time by The Originals who covered the extended course in a record 4 hours and 19 minutes, one minute faster that runners-up Team Pescadilla. The Leisure category, a more comfortable race in which time spent at each of the 13 viewpoints in between the start and the finish is excluded from the final time, was won for the third year in succession by Sherpas de Xàbia II who recorded an adjusted time of 4 hours and 49 minutes, two minutes ahead of runners-up Happy Feet. The event was sadly marked by the passing away of Michael Ballantyne during the race. Michael loved the event since its inception and it is perhaps comforting that he died doing something he loved. In October dozens of walkers met to inaugurate a special bench in his honour and then complete the course from Mirador Cabo de la Nao to Mirador Els Molins on his behalf. For future editions, the special award is to be renamed as the ‘Michael Ballantyne Award’.

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H is for HELPDESK – An initiative claimed by the Xàbia Democràtica independents and a source of bad vibes between the XD and mayor José Chulvi during an otherwise genial election campaignin 2015, the HelpDesk at the ‘Oficina de Atención Ciudadano (OAC)’ has grown to a facility that now offers help and assistance to foreign residents of Xàbia in English, German, French and Dutch. The desk has been the responsibility of the Department of Resident Care, headed by popular councillor Doris Courcelles, which has also developed the Hablemos Mas language exchange programme, bringing together people of different mother tongues in different comfortable surroundings for free informal conversation sessions.

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I is for ILLEGAL FISHING – Poaching of fish and other seafood had been a problem along the coastline of Xàbia for some years. But a proposal from the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia in March looked to bring an end to the practise by not only threatening illegal fishermen with hefty fines and confiscation of equipment but also encouraging bars and restaurants across the town to refuse to buy fish and other seafood whose origin could not be determined through official documentation. Mayor José Chulvi explained that the incentive to poach was to sell the produce to the restaurant and hotel industry and by creating an initiative in which the industry must provide documentation to confirm the origin of the fish in cases of inspection by the local authorities, the practise will be stamped out. “Let [the poachers] know that when they set foot on OUR coast, we will come for them”. Within days of the new policy being launched, two poachers from Murcia were caught by police in La Barraca with 15 kilos of illegally-caught fish whilst during the summer two French tourists were apprehended in the Marine Reserve of Cabo de San Antonio fishing illegally with spear guns which were confiscated along with wetsuits and floats.

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J is for JOKE – December 28th is the traditional day for playing jokes in Spain in a similar vein to April Fool’s Day in the United Kingdom. For 2016, javeamigos.com published a news story reporting that the Arenal zone had applied for independence from Xàbia and become one of the first micro-autonomous areas in the Marina Alta. The application was to be assessed by the ‘Barrio de Regional Organización Micro-Autónomo (BROMA)’ which was the first clue that suggested all was not quite it seemed, ‘broma’ meaning ‘joke’ in Spanish. Some people saw through the joke immediately but others fell for it hook, line and sinker: “Let’s make sure we have lots of dialogue on this plan first. This independence quest might just ruin Xabia.” | “The mayor of Xabia seems to be exceptional. Why on earth would they want to lose him and jeopardize the future of this beautiful town.” | “In the 25 years that I have watched Xabia grow this plan may be a disaster!” | “What on earth is the point of this? We have a great team at the Ayuntamiento and a great Mayor in Jose Chulvi.”

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K is for KICK – CD Jávea finished 8th in the Regional Preferente Group III, the fifth level in Spanish football which is the equivalent of the National League (the Conference) in England. A new face started the season in former CD Dénia coach Jesús Moratel who took over from José Luis Bisquert who had been at the helm since 2009. After a mixed pre-season, the rojiblancos started slowly, taking eight games to get their first win, a 2-0 home victory over perennial strugglers Pego CF, by which time CD Jávea had slipped to 16th position and just above the relegation zone. By November, the board had seen enough and Moratal was sacked and replaced in January by former UD Canals manager Juanjo Cháfer García. His impact was immediate. Jávea went on a nine-match unbeaten run to climb to fifth and make a valid claim for the top three but a curious collapse in the final six games in which the rojiblancos recorded just one win saw the side slip out of contention and finish 8th, nine points off the top three. For the 2016/17 season, the rojiblancos hired their third head coach is less than a year, Antonio Villaescusa, who had plenty of experience in regional football having been at CD Polop, CF La Nucia and CD Dénia. He immediately built a squad that, on paper at least, looked to have a real chance of making a bid for the top three. But once again things started slowly and it took seven games to record a first victory by which time the rojiblancos were back down near the bottom. However, a sudden turn of fortune has seen the side lose just once in nine games and climb to a familiar 8th spot before the Christmas break, promising much for when the season restarts on January 8th.

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L is for LA VUELTA – After the buzz of the ninth stage of the 2015 edition of La Vuelta de España passing through Xàbia, there was more excitement in January when it was announced that the 19th stage of the 2016 race – an individual time trial – would start in Xàbia on Friday 9th September. As preparations were made, the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia held meetings with business and resident associations to discuss how the race would affect them. The time trial would be leaving from the port area and result in the closure of the Paseo Marina Española, the coast road between the port and the Arenal, sections through the Arenal zone, the Camí Cabanes and the road to Poble Nou de Benitatxell as it made its way to Calp. Just days before the arrival of the tour circus in town, the great fire of Granadella broke out but, rather than cancel the stage, it was seen as a positive thing for the town and something to lift the spirits as the community rallied together. On a sunny day on September 8th, less than 24 hours after a grand firework display had brought the port fiestas to a close, 161 riders departed from Xàbia with British rider Christopher Froome of Team Sky taking the stage with a time of 44 minutes and 33 seconds to cover the 37 kilometre route to Calp.

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M is for MONTGÓ – In January local athlete Raúl Bover raised some 675 euros for the Cruz Roja de Xàbia after completed an amazing challenge of climbing to the top of the 753m high summit of Montgó once a week during the previous year. The project was originally called “52 Montgós” and Raúl pledged to donate 5 euros to the volunteer association for each ascent. In the end, he scaled the peak 63 times, climbing the equivalent height of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, more than five times. Inspired by the challenge, Xàbia estate agent José Ramón García set himself the task of swimming 10,500 lengths of the swimming pool in Poble Nou de Benitatxell during 2016, swimming at least 200 lengths a week and finished his epic swim on New Year’s Eve with a final swim in the port, raising more than 8,000 euros for charity. He also raised money for Olaya, the infant suffering from brittle bone disease, by swimming 10 kilometres from La Barraca to the port.

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N is for NAUGHTY – At the beginning of August, two people were fined for ignoring red safety flags on the Arenal beach, the first time that Article 139 of the Coexistence and Safety Byelaw was invoked, enabling the authorities to penalise the bathers who disregarded the flag and instructions from police and lifeguard personnel. Lifeguards from the Cruz Roja were having a hard time trying to keep people from entering the water which was affected by heavy waves and dangerous currents, despite red warning flags and constant announcements over the PA system. Several rescues had to be made to bring those caught up in the conditions back to the safety of the sand and police officers were called to intervene on the beach and arrest two swimmers who refused to follow the instructions of the lifeguards and entered the water "risking their own lives as well as those of the rescue personnel and the police". They were fined 750 euros each.

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O is for OLAYA – In another fine example of a community coming together, the people of Xàbia joined together to raise much-needed funds to support the family of Olaya Lopez, a two-month old who had been diagnosed with brittle bone disease and needed urgent but expensive treatment. Plastic bottle tops were collected, almost 100 kilograms in the first week, and children at primary schools across the municipality collected money to help Olaya receive the treatment she needed in Madrid. Todos Juntos Jávea and Grant-a-Wish donated a car so that the family could travel to the capital in comfort. Bar L’Encant in the Plaza de la Constitución had become a hub for help with Olaya’s plight even reaching the national news with La1 film crews visiting the bar and the family receiving a special guitar autographed by the team at ‘El Hormiguero’, one of the most popular shows on TV in Spain. In November, charity swimmer José Ramón García swam from La Barraca to the port to raise awareness of the plight of Olaya whilst the Lancashire Bruja hosted a special ‘Concert for Olaya’ and raised more money.

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P is for POOL – The construction of a municipal swimming pool in Xàbia took a step forward after mayor José Chulvi signed an order to start the necessary procedures for an agreement with the Generalitat Valenciana. Back in May 2005, the Generalitat promised to provide the funding to build a municipal pool in return for the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia financing the construction of a new trinquet building. The latter was opened in April 2010 but the money for the pool failed to materialise. But in the summer of 2016 it seemed that a door had opened for that funding to be made available at last and work has been carried out to adapt the original 2005 design to lower its cost to meet current economic conditions and meet new regulations applicable to this type of facility. In late September, the president of the Generalitat Valenciana Ximo Puig pledged to include the funding in the 2017 and 2018 regional budgets, the former financing the tender and design stage whilst the latter would pay for the actual construction. In the meantime, the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia renewed an agreement with the Ayuntamiento de Poble Nou de Benitatxell for registered residents of Xàbia to use the municipal swimming pool of the neighbouring municipality at reduced rates.

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Q is for QUESTIONNAIRE – Residents were able to give their opinions on the festivities marking the Fogueres de Sant Joan de Xàbia, arguably the biggest party in town, through an special online survey commissioned by the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia but it took more than four months for the results to be made public. Just over 1,000 residents responded and unsurprisingly, the magical 'Nit dels Focs' is rated as one of the most-valued events of the midsummer celebrations with the energetic 'Día de les Quintades' also considered highly. In light of the ban of the 'bou embolat' in the municipality, it was interesting to note that almost a third of all respondents registered their opposition to the bull-running events that take place during the first-half of the fiesta, although 55% remained in favour of the 'taurino' acts and a further 18% were indifferent.

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R is for RENOVATION – Essential work was carried out on the iconic blue dome of the 19th century chapel of Calvario located just above the historic centre alongside the road to La Plana and Dénia. Costing some 75,000 euros, the work was carried out by a company which specialises in the restoration of historic buildings to solve the problem of damp collecting in the roof and was completed in mid-July. Leaks were sealed and a series of windows which had been blocked up were re-opened to allow more natural light into the interior of the chapel which was built to replace the original building constructed to house the town’s treasured image of Jesús Nazareno on its arrival in Xàbia in the late 18th century. Other renovations projects to be completed, started or approved during 2016 included the replacement of the Triana bridge at the mouth of the Gorgos river, the repair of pavements in Avenida de Paris in the Arenal, the widening of the final section of Avenida Jaume I in the port and the completion of Avenida Augusta.

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S is for STREET PERFORMERS – In order to ensure a decent quality of street performer on the promenades during the summer season, the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia announced that an official circuit would be developed with the collaboration of the ‘circulo’ association which would regulate a schedule for performances. Unofficial street performances are prohibited by Municipal Bye-Laws. The initiative would run throughout July and August, offering the public a series of free performances after which the performers would be permitted to pass around a hat for donations from their audience. CIRC-XÀBIA proved to be a great success, attracting a great reception from the public.

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T is for TIGER MOSQUITO – In June, the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia published 4,000 copies of a special pamphlet in Castellano, Valenciano and English which aimed to help the public take the necessary actions to minimize the presence of the tiger mosquito in Xàbia. After two summers, it was clear that the pest was here to stay so the technical experts at the Ayuntamiento spent the winter of 2015/16 to develop the most effective ways to cope with the insect. At a press conference which launched the pamphlet, mayor José Chulvi said: “People should be aware that they have to become an active part of this fight or we will not make any progress” whilst municipal biologist Ignasi Astor explained that spraying is not an effective solution as it would kill off other insects and birds which are natural predators of the tiger mosquito and natural allies in the fight against them. Without them, he said, the fight would be lost.

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U is for UNEMPLOYMENT – Job prospects seemed to be improving in 2016 with the average number of people registered as out of work each month down 130 on 2015 and almost 400 on the peak of 2012. As a town now built around the tourist industry, the Services sector, which includes the hotel and restaurant industry, provided the most opportunities, accounting for more than 80% of work contracts in the municipality. However, the flexible nature of the work meant that the sector also accounted for around three-quarters of those registered as out-of-work during the low season months. Food for thought: in 2004, the average number of people registered as out-of-work each month was just 173; the population figure hasn’t changed much from 26,649 in 2004 to 27,225 in 2016 whilst the number of registered foreign residents has actually dropped from 13,026 in 2004 to 12,242 in 2015, the latest available figure. The `Crisis’ is still making its presence known ...

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V is for VISITOR CENTRE – After more than 18 months of furious debate on the future of the lighthouse of Cabo de San Antonio, the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia sought permission from the Port Authority of Alicante, the owners of the building, to convert it into a visitor centre for the Cabo San Antonio Marine Reserve and take full advantage of its position at the end of the headland which stretches into the sea to the north of the town. Mayor José Chulvi explained that the objective would be to create a centre similar to that which had been created inside the lighthouse of Albir, some 35 miles south of Xàbia. The Port Authority had previously been considering a proposal to convert the building into a luxury private hotel complex but the concept had been greeted by demonstrations and an online petition which collected more than 15,000 signatures against the development. Mayor José Chulvi hoped that the idea of a visitor centre would also be attractive to the management board of the Parque Natural del Montgó within whose boundaries the lighthouse was located.

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W is for WALL – As the first winter storm for some time threatened just before Christmas, the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia made the necessary preparations in reaction to forecasts for heavy rain, high winds and stormy seas. A huge sand barrier, dubbed the “Great Wall of Xàbia” was built across the Arenal beach in a bid to contain the stormy waters of the Mediterranean and prevent as much as possible any damage to the main promenade and the bars and restaurants that line it. After a weekend of poor weather in which heavy rain inland saw the river Gorgos flow again for the first time in over four years, plenty of debris was washed into the sea and contained by the sand wall to be cleared away effectively by the Ayuntamiento. Despite some reservations on social media, the wall did its job and the Arenal was able to operate as normal with the wall pushed down a few days later.

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X is for XÀBIA – Each year the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia honours key members of the community with its October 9th awards, the date being significant as the day of the Comunidad Valenciana. In 2016, Francisco Pastor was presented with the Solidarity award for "giving to others a way of life and for his steady path of help for those who have needed it” being the founder of the Cruz Roja de Xàbia and a blood donor extraordinaire as well as a prominent member of the Protección Civil. The Cofradía de Pescadores de Xàbia was awarded the Civic Values prize in recognition of "the social benefit generated by the sailors through their daily work, sometimes great than the individual benefit they receive." Throughout the year, Xàbia honoured others including yachtswoman Maribel Sivera for her success as part of the team which finished runner-up in the Copa del Rey de Vela, yachtsman Rafa Andarias for his success on winning gold in the EUROSAF Disabled Sailing European Championships as well as artist Milagros Lambert who was named “Favourite Daughter of Xàbia”, only the second person to be awarded such status after tennis player David Ferrer.

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Y is for YOUTH – Young people were given more attention during the year, encouraged by the Department of Youth led by 25-year-old councillor Ximo Segarra. At the beginning of the year, his department organised a special open meeting to invite youngsters to discuss their needs and concerns and establish better communication with the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia. The following month, the Department organised a special day to offer guidance to young people to entering the job market, attended by counsellors who gave advice on training options and career paths such as those offered in the leisure and services sectors which provide almost two-thirds of the opportunities in Xàbia. Young bands were also handed the chance to compete for a spot in MontgóRock festival in May whilst budding musicians were invited to attend the first rock campus during the summer. In November, the Department debuted a new initiative called `PlayJove`which offered recreational and academic activities in a special zone in the Plaza de la Constitución whilst the popular ‘Nadal Jove-Nadal Esportiu’ campaign returned for the Christmas week.

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Z is for ZERO NOISE – The Ayuntamiento de Xàbia updated regulations regarding noise by construction and other works during July and August which meant that activities which generated noise and vibration could not be used during the siesta hours of 3.00pm to 5.00pm and then overnight between 8.00pm and 9.00am the following morning.

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