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A representation group has applied for independence from Xàbia

Wednesday 28th December 2016

JAVEA NEWS | Arenal - Micro-Autonomy

News has been leaked this week that the Arenal area of Xàbia could become one of the first micro-autonomous zones within the Marina Alta region, granted the freedom to govern itself and make its own decisions outside of the jurisdiction of the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia.

A new decree which comes into force in 2017 allows isolated neighbourhoods to declare themselves independent from the local authority within the boundaries of which they find themselves if they are more than 2,000 metres from the administrative centre of the municipality. The heart of the Arenal zone is 2,700 metres from the Plaça de l’Esglèsia in which the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia is located and thus the neighbourhood meets the requirements for application.

A source at the ‘Barrio de Regional Organización Micro-Autónomo (BROMA)’ which assesses petitions for autonomous status confirm that the organisation has received an application from representatives of the Arenal district of Xàbia which outlines the proposals and transition schedule for independence from Xàbia which includes:

a)   the proposed borders of the new micro-autonomous region which will bound an area of approximately 2.3 sq km from Calle Florencia to the north, Calle Brusellas to the west, Camí Cabanes / Ctra del Portitxol to the south and the Mediterranean to the east;

b)   the establishment of an elected governing body as soon as possible to assist a smooth transition of authority from the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia to autonomous status with the role of central administrator to assume mayoral duties along with five key elected administrative posts;

c)    a new public office building to be built on vacant land in the Javea Park area of the neighbourhood (the same area which was used briefly during the summer of 2016 as a temporary medical centre) which will include administrative offices, a police station and a tourist office to promote the new micro-autonomous region as a tourist destination;

d)   the establishment of a weekly market each Monday morning to be held on the vacant rough ground in Jávea Park opposite the location of the new public office building;

e)   the importance of the establishment of a valid cultural calendar which includes a fiesta marking the celebration of independence proposed for the beginning of April to be called the ‘Fiestas de las Inocentadas’ complete with colourful parades, traditional music and dancing as well as bull-running along the promenade of the Arenal beach. A source at the Bull-Running of the Marina Alta (BRoMA) association admitted that it was encouraged that another ‘taurino’ event would be added to the annual calendar in the region.

Once the application has been approved by BROMA for consideration by the autonomous government, the transitional phase is expected to take about 10-12 months to be completed during which time there will be a complete census of all those residents who live within the borders of the micro-autonomous zone who, once their residency status has been validated, will then be added to the electoral roll in time for the first elections for public office.


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