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Sources say paying for access to La Plana will help reduce  impact of vehicles in the natural park

Sunday 28th December 2014

javeamigos.com | JAVEA · LA PLANA TOLLS

It has been revealed that plans for a new toll system on the road between Jávea and Dénia which crosses the La Plana zone which was affected by the fire last September have been revived in the wake of the disaster. Sources close to the Ayuntamiento have suggested that the new charges will help fund the Montgo tunnel project which was shelved some years ago by building contractor Econetsin but has now found new life as a means of reducing the impact of vehicles in the natural park.

The source explained that a recent survey suggested that an average of some 700 vehicles use the mountain route between Javea and Dénia each day. Proposed charges for access to the natural park area have been thought to be 10 euros for private cars, 20 euros for vans and 50 for lorries and coaches which would bring in some 500,000 euros a month, taking into account a reduction of usage as some vehicles heading to Dénia opt for the longer route via La Xara. Consequently, the toll charge could raise much of the 250 million euros budgeted for the tunnel project a lot quicker than waiting for private investment and could mean the first tunnel could be started by 2020.

Plans revealed by the source show that the toll booth on the Jávea side will be located on the Carretera Jávea-Dénia (CV-7362) just after the junction which Calle Lastres which connects  to the Nova Xabia urbanisation, providing ample turning room for those not willing to pay the fee. Details of the Dénia to both have not yet been confirmed but it is thought that it will be located just after the junction with Carrer Ametla. These operation of the booths has already been put out to tender and the favourites to win the contract is thought to be Gata company Chiste SA. Providing all the details of the contract are met, the booths should be in place by the spring of 2015 to capitalise on the tourist trade as soon as possible.

Residents of La Plana will be offered a private pass at a low cost of 250 euros a year. Access will be by Carretera Jávea-Dénia only with all other vehicle routes to the plateau from the port area blocked with concrete barriers, specifically Calle Cuesta de San Antonio which will be blocked just before the junction with Carrer Penaguila and Carrer Penaguila itself just before the tarmac gives way to rough track. Residents will need to provide full documentation to prove their residency within the park zone and on application may need to accept an official visit to the property to assess qualification. A maximum of two cars may be included on the pass but both have to registered to the same valid address within the zone.

More details will be issued in the New Year.

javeamigos.com | JAVEA · TOLLS

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