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AMJASA adds facsimile of the latin magazine 'Janus' in which Lambert's son describes Jávea

Friday 25th July 2014

javeamigos.com | JAVEA · LAMBERT SKETCHES

The town of Jávea has been giving tribute to the Lambert family this summer and the project has been enriched by contributions from the Fundación Cultural Cirne and the municipal water company AMJASA who have both presented special publications to honour the legacy of an artistic family who first arrived in Jávea in 1920 and became the first ambassadors of the architecture, customs and environment of the town.

The Fundación Cirne has published a package of ten postcards of drawings by André Lambert, a renowned architect whose illustrations a prime example of early 20th century Jávea with their country houses, wells, farms, the domed chapel of Calvario, the former Convento de Mínimos, Gothic façades, the fortified church of San Bartolomé and the bridges over the river Gorgos. Vice-President Antoni Espinós called the drawings a "stunningly beautiful" legacy of the municipality which were first published in 1945. They are now available to buy from any of the buildings hosting the 'Xàbia i Els Lambert' exhibition - the Centre d'Arts Lambert de la Casa de Tena in Calle Major,  the Soler Blasco Municipal Museum, the Fundación Cirne headquarters in Avda. Alicante and the Casa del Cable on the Paseo Marina Española in the port - and from all the tourist offices for a nominal price of 5 euros.

Those who buy this series of postcard or the catalogue about the exhibition edited by the Ayuntamiento will receive an additional gift in the form of a copy of an article written by the son Andrés Lambert for the cultural magazine 'Janus', a feature about Jávea that was initially written in Latin but has been translated into Castellano and Valenciano by Andreu Ros. Josep Lluis Henarejos, the CEO of AMJASA, said that the public company wanted to contribute to the local culture by offering this article to the departments of classical languages in the region that work with students. Lambert, a great humanist and Latinist, employes the classical genre par excellence, using its to describe Jávea, its geography, his reflections on its historical origin, local customes, fiestas and devotions and characters of his neighbours.

The Fundación Cirne has also highlighted the importance of the Lamberts beyond Jávea, providing the first documentation on Valencian architecture and authors of great articles and illustrated books in various languages which have been described as publishing jewels.

The daughter and grand-daughter of the artists, Milagros Lambert, has continued her family's love for the land and highlighted the fact that her grandfather, a renowned architect known through Europe and the world, came to Jávea and was impressed by the work of the bricklayers and those who quarried the stone, describing stately homes, gardens and buildings and putting them on the same level as grand capitals like Rome.

javeamigos.com | JAVEA -  LAMBERT SKETCHES


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