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Friday 2nd March 2012

javeamigos.com | SAFETY BOARD

Jávea can boast a crime rate that is “well below” the provincial average. That was the claim reported to the latest gathering of the Local Safety Board, a regular meeting between the commanders of all the security forces in Jávea, which was held at the town hall, chaired by Alberto Martínez Díaz, the first deputy of the new government in Alicante and attended by mayor José Chulvi and Juan Ortolá, the councillors responsible for Public Safety.

After analysing crime data and the results of police response, Jávea has been rated as “excellent” and continues to maintain the trend for many years. “This is not coincidence but the result of coordination, collaboration and rigour with which our security forces work for our town,” said Ortolá, who added that these tools “continue to make Jávea a safe place where residents can develop their rights and freedoms”.

The most recent available statistic puts the crime rate in Jávea at 22.76 per thousand inhabitants, which is almost ten points below the provincial level of 32.51 per thousand. Although total crimes rose slightly in 2011 (739 compared to 725 in 2010), the number of misdemeanours fell from 919 in 2010 to 882. Police efficiency has increased with the number of arrests increasing from 189 in 2010 to 272 in 2011 and the number of efficient investigations rising from 255 in 2010 to 655 in 2011.

Díaz, attending his first meeting since being appointed as deputy, expressed his satisfaction at the success of the security services in Jávea and  considered the Safety Board initiative as “very good” with results that would make it desirable for other towns to follow suit. Mayor José Chulvi added that public safety was important for a tourist town like Jávea.

Source: Press Release - Xàbia Ajuntament

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