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javeamigos.com | WALKING IN JAVEA | Energetic Wanders


javeamigos.com | WALKING IN JAVEA | Castell de la Granadella

Castell de la Granadella
Distance: 3 kilometres
This is a short route to the ruins of the Castell de la Granadella of just three kilometres which might fall into the category of 'Gentle Stroll' were it not for two tricky short sections traversed with the use of chains and a steep set of natural 'steps'  into the Barranc de la Xapa which can be particularly tricky both during the descent and the climb back up on the return. And some might say that the steep climb up the road at the beginning of the walk is hardly a barrel of laughs so an 'Energetic Wander' it is. The route follows part of the PR-CV 354 Granadella loop from the Granadella beach and along the cliff-edge to the ruins of the 18th century castle that was built on the very end of the headland to protect this part of the coast from marauding pirates.

javeamigos.com | WALKING IN JAVEA | Molins

The Historical Windmills of Jávea
Distance: 5 kilometres
One of the fifteen official viewpoints of Jávea, the old windmills which sit on the ridge above the plain of Jávea were built between the 14th and the 18th centuries to take advantage of the prevailing Llebeig south-westerly wind which blows across the heights of La Plana. Their huge sails turned grinding machines which ground wheat and other cereals which were grown across the region. This route follows part of the PR-CV 355 variante to the line of windmills which dominates the skyline to the north. The descent takes a quiet path which winds around a narrow spur, affording fantastic views across Jávea and of the hulk of Montgó and then drop through the urbanisation of Puchols to return to the start.

javeamigos.com | WALKING IN JAVEA | Granadella Coastal Loop

Granadella Coastal Loop
Distance: 6 kilometres
This is a fairly strenuous circular route which takes in a short section of the Granadella coast by way of the well-worn route to the ruins of the Castell de la Granadella and then climbing a narrow ridge on the very edge of the cliffs to the Mirador Llevant, a beautifully-situated viewpoint affording stunning views along the coast and inland across the Parque Forestal La Granadella towards the peak of Puig Llorença. The return is via wide forestry track and a concrete road back to the car-park at Cala de la Granadella. It is a short loop that should be within the capabilities of most people, including those who might not particularly enjoy heights, despite the fact that the route does at times wander very close to the cliff-edge.

javeamigos.com | WALKING IN JAVEA | Cova Tallada and Torre Gerro

Cova Tallada and the Torre del Gerro
Distance: 7 kilometres
This is a deceptively tough walk which demands absolute respect and I was almost tempted to place it into the 'Challenging Scrambles' section. However, it is well within the capability of anyone with a bit of drive and determination as well as a good head for heights. It starts at the Monastery of Nuestra Senora de los Angeles situated on the high plain of La Plana de Sant Jeroni and crosses the rugged heathland northwards before dropping spectacularly into the deep ravine of the Barranc de la Cova Tallada and down to La Cova Tallada itself at the water's edge. The walk then edges along the coast to the Barranc de l’Aiguadolç and climbs to the magnificent Torre del Gerro before heading back across the heathland to the start-point. 

javeamigos.com | WALKING IN JAVEA | Cova Ampla

Cova Ampla and the Eye of Montgo
Distance: 8 kilometres
La Cova Ampla del Montgo lies in a huge cavity cut into the southern flank of the mountain of Montgo, a cavern more commonly known as the “Eye of Montgo” such as it forms the supposed eye of the elephant when the mountain is viewed from the valley to the south. it can be reached by way of a very steep path from La Plana and is within reach of anyone with drive and determination although those with a particular dislike of heights might find the excursion somewhat unnerving. The effort is rewarded with a superb view to the south and, for those with a little bit of adventure still burning inside them, a chance to explore the narrow cave system of Cova Ampla, a dusty squeeze to experience a dark place that may have been used by humans as long as 100,000 years ago. 

javeamigos.com | WALKING IN JAVEA | La Plana Circuit - East

La Plana Circuit - East
Distance: 9 kilometres
This is a circular route covering the eastern part of La Plana, incorporating sections of the official trail PR-CV 355 and less popular paths along the northern side of the plateau which offers rare views of the hidden ravines that cut deep into its northern flanks and around to the iconic windmills. If there is any bonus to be found from the devastating inferno of 2014, it is that a new landscape has been created, a desolation that is both heart-breaking and breath-taking, whilst some of the area's lime kiln heritage has a new lease of life as the removal of the trees and bushes has exposed them to be consolidated and opened to the public as an attraction. The final section includes the new access track to the windmills which has opened in 2015, a combination of steep steps created out of local stone and narrow paths.

javeamigos.com | WALKING IN JAVEA | Castellans & Les Valls

Castellans & Les Valls
Distance: 9 kilometres
This is an extended circular walk which starts in Placeta del Convent in the historic centre and passes through the zone of Castellans right below the slopes of the majestic mountain of Montgó. It then skirts around the Huertos del Montgó to head south into the valley, crossing the busy Carretera de Jesús Pobre and then the Carretera del Gata de Gorgos to pass through the modest industrial zone to cross the Gorgos river. Heading east, initially alongside the river, the route then crosses the busy Carretera del Benitatxell close the the Restaurante Bon Amb, currently a Michelin 2-Star venue, to head back towards the historic centre through the orange groves, crossing the river once again, to finish back in Placeta del Convent. It should take about two hours to complete, allowing for stops along the way.

javeamigos.com | WALKING IN JAVEA | La Plana Circuit - West

La Plana Circuit - West
Distance: 11 kilometres
This is a pleasant walk around the western part of the plateau of La Plana which nudges against the eastern flank of the mountain of Montgó. Starting from the Plaza de la Constitución, the route passes between the two chapels of Santa Llúcia and Calvario before winding its way up the hillside to a barely discernible path which accesses the natural park of Montgó. Once on the plateau, the route heads towards the giant eastern face of Montgó before passing along the northern edge of La Plana then heads south to descend along another little used track into Urbanisation El Pujol and back to the market square. It's a little over 11 kilometres in length with options to extend the journey by visiting the chapel of Santa Llúcia and the windmills of La Plana.

javeamigos.com | WALKING IN JAVEA | Tossal Gros

Tossal Gros
Distance: 18 kilometres
Tossal Gros is a 335m high (1,099ft) mound which forms the southern boundary of the wide valley. Its tree-lined summit is clearly visible and seems tantalisingly close but involves a determined walk and steep climb up one of its northern ridges. But the reward for the effort is a very pleasant hike through stunning landsacape and a wonderful 360° view with the elongated massif of Montgó visible along its entire length from La Xara to the headland of Cabo de San Antonio whilst to the east sits the 442m peak of Puig de la Llorença with its communication masts, the sprawling urbanisation of Cumbre del Sol hidden behind, and then to the south, peeking over the hills, is the familiar outline of Calp's Peńon d'Ifach.


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