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A heaven for cycling enthusiasts, Jávea offers plenty to experience for those on two wheels and is in a perfect position to act as a base for those wanted to explore the region by bike. There are several cycling clubs based in the town, not least the Club Ciclista Jávea which has produced several regional and national champions, as well as the Club Ciclista El Gurugú and Club Ciclista Xabia's Bikes, both of whom offer the attraction of off-road cycling. In addition, a dozen dedicated cycling routes have been designed and developed by Guiomar Ramírez-Montesinos, a passionate female cyclist who in 2011 deservedly won a special award for her dedication to promoting the sport in the town. Her routes, outlined below, allow all ages and abilities can enjoy the town's natural beauty on a bicycle. Visitors can hire bikes from several points across the town.


1 · Los Miradores de Xàbia
24 kilometres · allow 3 hours · medium difficulty
This route is ideal for hot days since it passes mainly through the pine trees which afford shade from the sun. It is called the "Route of the Viewpoints" since it passes through 13 of the 15 points that the Tourist Info Office has listed as places worth stopping for their remarkable views. In addition, most of the viewpoints are small 'green areas' with abundant endemic flora and benches where you can relax and admire the beautiful landscape that Xàbia offers.
Click here for route details (external - WikiLoc) >>

2 · Las Laderas - Tarraula
20 kilometres · allow 2 hours 30 minutes · low to high difficulty
This circular route travels along traditional agricultural roads and tracks, almost all of them of tarmac surface, diagonally across the open countryside of Xàbia towards the boundary with Poble Nou de Benitatxell, passing through pine forests and sweeping fields of vines before climbing toward the high land of the Tossal Gros and then dropping back into the valley of the Gorgos River.
Click here for route details (external - WikiLoc) >>

3 · Monte de la Granadella
23 kilometres · allow 3 hours · medium to high difficulty
This route passes through the Parque Natural de la Granadella. It's one for the fitter cyclicts since its rises from sea level to 100 metres in just a couple of kilometres, both on the outward and return journeys. However, there is always the option to start the route from the watchtower of Granadella. It is very important to carry sufficient water and something to eat as well as wear a helmet or cap and some adequate sunscreen.
Click here for route details (external - WikiLoc) >>

4 · Gata por el Gorgos
24 kilometres · allow 3 hours · low to medium difficulty
This route visits the nearby town of Gata de Gorgos, but specifically visits La Seranda where, during the months of August and September, one can watch the traditional method of making raisins which was the major economy of the area not so long ago. The route follows the Gorgos river, crossing it various times, along mainly rural roads, mostly well-paved. It is recommended to carry plenty of water, wear a hat and sunscreen and take something to eat.

5 · El Bosque del Rebaldí
15 kilometres · allow 2 hours · medium to high difficulty
Surprisingly, and despite fires and construction projects, forests remain in Xàbia and one of them is the dense pine forest of El Rebaldí (Capsades). It is important to have sufficient gears on the bike to take on the long climb of some two kilometres along the Camí de Rebaldí. It should also be noted that the area is hunting ground but the tracks are near the roads and houses so the route shouldn't present any problems, even in the hunting season.
Click here for route details (external - WikiLoc) >>

6 · Camí Vell de Teulada
26 kilometres · allow 3 hours · medium to high difficulty
This route leads to Teulada, a town that borders Xàbia, although Benitatxell lies between the two. Almost 26 kilometres passes around the Tossal Gros and only two kilometres are on unpaved dirt road so the route is suitable for any type of bicycle. The continuous steep slopes make it advisable to have a little training beforehand which is why it has been rated as medium-high difficulty.

7 · Los Parques de Xàbia
22 kilometres · allow 3 hours 30 minutes · medium difficulty
Xàbia is dotted with small municipal parks and green areas, many of which remain unknown to most people. This circular route visits some of them: Cap martí, Pou del Abanells, Pinosol, Las Laderas and Rafalet. It is a fairly easy 22 kilometre route starting and finishing at the IES Nº1 school in the port with some steep slopes and is suitable for all types of bicycles.
Click here for route details (external - WikiLoc) >>

8 · Las Planes
18 / 12 kilometres · allow 3 hours · medium to high difficulty
This route passes through the fantastic Parque Natural del Montgó, a nice circular route of some 18km between pines and through scrubland with some spectacular views of the bay of Xàbia. Las Planas, as its name suggests, is relatively flat, but to reach it there is no other way than to climb 200m in some 2 kilometres. However, for those who prefer not to sweat the climb, the route can be started at the recreation area alongside the Carretar de San Antonio.
Click here for route details (external - WikiLoc) >>

9 · Tossal Gros
20 kilometres · allow 2 hours 30 minutes · medium to high difficulty
This route is, alongside that of Granadella, one of the hardest. During the ascent to the top of Tossal Gros, there are spectacular views of Montgó, Cabo de San Antonio, Puig Llorença, Sierra Bérnia and the coast down to Moraira. On clear days, the island of Ibiza can be seen on the horizon. There is some 4.5 kilometres of climbing along the 20 kilometre route so it is recommended to be quite fit or at last used to riding a bicycle although there is always the option to walk along the harder sections.
Click here for route details (external - WikiLoc) >>

10 · Jesús Pobre - La Xara
34 kilometres · allow 3 hours 30 minutes · low difficulty
This route is a flat circular route passing through the sunny valley of Les Valls to the villages of Jesús Pobre and La Xara before returning to Xàbia. It is within the ability of all physical conditions and all types of bicycles. The route passes by the Olivo Milenario, the ancient olive tree through to have been planted by the Moors who once farmed the area before the Reconquest.

11 · Pedreguer
28 kilometres · allow 3 hours 30 minutes · low to medium difficulty
Xàbia was once a village isolated from the rest of the region, only reach by a network of small rural roads which connected it to neighbouring villages. This route follows what is now known as Camí Vell de Pedreguer which passes by the ancient olive tree and carob tree, a 28km route without much difficulty expect for some rocky sections which takes us to the edge of the town of Pedreguer via Jesús Pobre.

12 · Bosque de Capsades
15 kilometres · allow 2 hours 30 minutes · medium difficulty
This route is short but fairly difficult as it passes along the climb of Camí de la Sabatera, a rocky section that might force you to carry the bike, as well as long technical sections through the forest. The trip passes along the southern edge of the forest of Capsades and is ideal for those looking for a bit of a fun challange. However, an alternative is suggested for those who prefer something a little easier and more relaxed.
Click here for route details (external - WikiLoc) >>

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