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The team at Jardin Sostenible are gardening and landscape professionals. Their main focus involves the use of native Mediterranean plants and environmental friendly gardening and landscape architecture.

April 2017 Biocontrole is an innovative Dutch Company that, since 1998, is specialized in the biological control of pests, which is often more effective than chemical control. Jardin Sostenible is the exclusive distributor in Spain and thanks to this collaboration can offer its customers the great advantage of biological control with these products that are harmless to humans, animals and crops. Click here to find out more.

Jardin Sostenible have been designing and building public and private gardens since the year 2000.

Their services include:

Design and Construction
They design and build your garden according to your preferences and your budget. They offer you a design to improve your garden that fits your needs.

Native Gardening They are specialists in the design of Mediterranean gardens using native plants. This kind of gardening allows significant economic savings, and has several environmental benefits:

• Native plants have evolved in the Mediterranean climate and are completely adapted to the natural conditions.

• Irrigation requirements are very low. The plants need irrigation during the first year of life to reach maturity.

• They have a scarce need for chemicals: fertilizers, insecticides, etc.

• Because of its forest and rustic character, the plants are low maintenance

• Young native plants have low prices and are able to reproduce themselves.

• The native garden encourages biodiversity and is integrated into its natural environment.

Garden Maintenance They carry out the daily maintenance of private gardens and neighborhood association’s gardens. Pruning, plantations, soil improvement and soil mulching, fertilization, maintenance and monitoring of the irrigation system, etc.

Tree pruning including palms They take care of winter pruning, and also do height pruning, of trees and palms. For this purpose they have qualified staff and the necessary authorized material.

Shredding plant debris They make use of pruning waste as fertilizer for the garden thanks to their specialist equipment. The result is a crushed organic material that can be used in the garden as compost. It will improve the soil structure and in addition will function as a cushion or mulching, favouring the water retention in the soil and protecting the roots of the plants of the high temperature changes.

Pest and Disease Treatments They carry out treatments against various pests and diseases of ornamental plants using ecological products respectful with the environment. They are experts in the prevention and cure of the red palm weevil and carry out sanitation and cleaning of affected areas, combining the use of different specific insecticides to prevent insect resistance and adjust the treatment to the needs of the Palm tree. Six treatments per year are recommended using insecticide: spraying, injection to trunk and root application.

Improvement of existing gardens They redesign and remodel existing gardens looking for sustainable and low maintenance solutions to turn conventional gardens into native Mediterranean gardens.

Building and gardening auxiliary works They carry out a variety of works related to gardening, from planting to auxiliary constructions such as fountains, paths, stairs, fences, etc. Their goal is to provide all projects with their own personality, trying to use traditional materials to integrate the structures in their environment.

Irrigation Systems They install and maintain irrigation systems, adapted to the needs of the garden.

Biological pond-pool They design and build pond-pools in gardens with ecological systems of water filtration. These beautiful ponds are points of life that promote biodiversity in the garden and require little maintenance.




Natalia Pérez - Muy profesionales. Saben lo que hacen. Te dan ideas prácticas y muy acertadas para diseñar tu jardín. Y luego lo mantienen de forma impecable.