ADDRESS Camí de les Sorts, 27
03730 Jávea (Alicante)
16:00-19:00 Winter exc Wed
17:00-20:00 Summer exc Wed
TELEPHONE 966 463 976
807 429 454

A.P.A.S.A. was founded in January 1999 by a group of English, German, Spanish and Swiss residents who wanted to do something against the misery of the abandoned, mistreated and lost dogs in Javea. A.P.A.S.A. is a registered association and the actual management board consists of 5 members.

How It Started
When we started to work in May 1999, the Perrera of Javea consisted of four kennels each with a surface of 3 x 4 meters. Some 22 dogs were penned in there and they had to rest on the bare ground, without sun protection and without water during the winter time. An open hole served as a pit drainage for the excrements. The dogs were kept without run out, incarcerated, and without getting attention or care whatsoever. We intervened with the town hall and finally, after a number of other efforts, we were given the keys for the premises.

Helping Hands
With a handful of volunteering people we started to walk the dogs we found foster homes for the puppies and organized special food for their mothers. Where necessary we applied medical treatment. And this is what we still do today.

We give dogs a new home
Each community of a certain size here in Spain maintains a so-called ‘perrera’ where the community pens all the dogs that are stray, lost or homeless. If nobody asks for such a dog he will be disposed of after ten days. Since APASA has started its service in Javea, we have changed the rules. The dogs are kept in the shelter until we find a new owner or we will offer him a place for the rest of his life.

We largely depend on your help because across the Costa Blanca region around 6,000 dogs are abandoned each year and APASA alone houses on average some 240 dogs at any one time. This work costs a lot of money; we spend around 2,000 euros a month for food and around 45,000 euros a year on vets bills. You could help us by becoming an APASA member for 20 euros a year or sponsoring one of our dogs for 25 euros a month. Or you could simply adopt one of our dogs. In any case we would be very happy to answer your questions. Give us a ring, write us a mail or just come by and visit our dog shelter.

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New Facebook page
Walk yourself & the rescue dogs Visit Apasa Rescue, take a dog walking in fresh air sunshine & orange groves then return the dog. Give the gift of walk.
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This page is about walking. Walking yourself, but more importantly taking some company with you and walking a dog from Apasa. The surrounding area is beautiful. Walk in nature, alone, with your friends or family and explore the back roads of the orange groves and little farms with a very grateful dog who gets to come with you. Move your body and get some walking under your belt and share the beauty and fresh air of the Javea countryside with a dog that needs it as much as you do.
How? Simply turn up anytime between 10:00-13:00 and 15:00-18:00 7 days a week - every day, any day, lots of days or just one day. Its up to you. And that's all this is about.. moving your bones and moving theirs too.




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