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ANTÓN ABOGADOS offer a qualified, multilingual and experienced team of family lawyers working effortlessly to find the right solution for you. Your legal peace of mind is their goal. You can seek their advice and assistance in conveyancing, property taxes, fiscal representation (for residents and non-residents) and family law including inheritance and wills.

Conveyancing is the main strength of the Anton Abogados. They have thorough knowledge and experienced professionals dealing with Conveyancing.

If you want to sell, they can help you market the property effectively and get you the best deal. They can provide you help and support from handling the sales from letting agency to conveyancing and end of the sale. You that you will be fully informed regarding every stage of your transaction.

Property Taxes
When buying a house in Spain it is important to estimate the taxes you will have to pay, not only when you actually purchase your Spanish property, but also local taxes and housing rates which are paid on a yearly basis by all home owners in Spain. Spanish housing yearly rates depend on the value of the house and the area it is in, but Anton Abogados can guide you through all the tax expenses you will need to take into account when deciding what house to buy or sale.

Fiscal Representation For Residents & Non-Residents
All non tax residents in Spain owners of a property or a share of one should pay Non Resident Income Tax even if they do not have any other income. This is very important as there are a large number of non residents in Spain that are not submitting their non resident tax returns and this could mean trouble for them. Anton Abogados can guide you through the minefield.

Family Law – Inheritance and Wills
Inheritance is a particularly complex area of law if the estate includes assets outside your country of residence. Therefore Anton Abogados is ideally suited to be your legal partner with regards to the estates of foreign nationals in Javea.

Their experienced, multi-lingual Probate department handles inheritance of Spanish, UK and European estates, offering strategic advice to other law firms in Europe and further afield on obligatory heirs, succession to Spanish estates and Private International Law, including conflict of laws or jurisdiction.




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Stephen Pearson · Best in Javea - wouldn't be without them.

Tina Kelley · Brilliant team! They made my villa purchase so quick and easy, they're fantastic! And very supportive post completion too!