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ADDRESS Avda. Palmela, 19
Javea - Town
13:00-15:30 Tue-Sun
20:00-23:00 Tue-Sun
Closed Monday
TELEPHONE 966 462 963 / 690 757 143

Pizzeria Passionatta is a well-established and popular pizzeria in Avenida Palmela, just south of the old town. Whilst the main bulk of its custom are its take-away and home delivery services, there is an ample seating area to eat in and enjoy excellent pizza and pasta. Passionatta offers an experimental touch on top of the standard choices of pizza and pasta, something different from the standard fare and consequently it is a popular venue for some Italian dining with a difference.

Home delivery available 8pm - 11pm in the old town, Arenal and the port as well as Tosalet up to El Rodat and XIC area, Ctra. Jesús Pobre and Ctra. Benitachell up to Cruz Tarraula. Minimum order 10 euros.

Not sure how to pronounce the name of your street in Spanish? You can now order by Whatsapp on 690 757 143 during opening hours (see above)

New You can now pay for your home delivery by card, Passionatta offer the use of a portable card machine.

PASSIONATTA TIP 1 - 32 euros
- three pizzas from the daily list
- one pasta dish
- one pitta bread
- one bottle of Coca-Cola or beer.

PASSIONATTA TIP 2 - 32 euros
- three pizzas from the daily list
- one Cazuela Passionatta
- one pitta bread
- one bottle of Coca-Cola or beer.

- three pizzas of your choice from the menu

MENU DE PIZZA - 10 euros
- 32cm pizza, chips, drink and ice cream

- Two 30cm pizzas 10 euros - see the daily list

- 40cm Family pizza 12.50 euros (15 euros with drink) - see the daily list

Please mention javeamigos.com when visiting Passionatta

What’s on offer at PASSIONATTA
MARGARITA: cheese, oregano and tomato sauce.
FUNGHI: cheese and mushrooms.
VEGETARIANA: cheese, onion, broccoli, olives, peppers and artichokes.
PICANTE: cheese, onion, chilli pepper, olives and peppers.
ESPINACAS: cheese, spinach, garlic, onion and goat\'s cheese.
CALZONE VERDURAS: cheese, mushrooms, broccoli, onion, peppers and goat\'s cheese.
AL CAPONE: cheese, tuna and onion.
PROSCIUTTO: cheese and ham.
PROSCUITTO Y FUNGHI: cheese, ham and mushrooms.
SAN REMO: cheese, minced meat, onion and peppers.
PEPINO: mozarrella, ham, egg, olives and fresh tomatoes.
GORGONZOLA: cheese, gorgonzola and broccoli.
FANTASIA: mozarella, chicken, sweetcorn and mushrooms.
CALZONE: cheese, ham and mushrooms.
CALZONE TEJANA: cheese, minced meat, onion, peppers, chilli peppers and goat\'s cheese.
FRUTTI DI MARE: cheese, seafood and garlic.
GAMBAS: cheese and prawns.
SALMÓN: cheese, salmon, cream and oregano.
ALBERTO: cheese, salami, pineapple and chilli peppers.
QUATTRO STAGIONI: cheese, ham, salami, mushrooms and chilli peppers.
BOLOGNESA: cheese and minced meat.
PEPERONI. cheese and spicy chorizo.
POMA: cheese, mushrooms, bacon, ham, cream and apple.
ANACARDO: cheese, chicken, peppers, garlic, avocado and cashews.
TONNO: tuna, onion, chorizo and cream.
QAUTTRO QUESOS: gorgonzola, parmesan, mozzarella, gouda.
SALAMI: cheese and salami.
CAPRICCIOSA: cheese, salami, ham, mushrooms, peppers and artichokes.
RIVA ROCCI: cheese, minced meat, tuna, onion and peppers.
MOZZARELLA: mozzarella, broccoli, fresh tomato and garlic.
HAWAI: cheese, pineapple and ham.
CURRY: cheese, chicken, pineapple and home-made curry sauce.
DIAVOLA: cheese, peppers, chilli peppers, salami and onion.
NAXOS: cheese, pork, chicken, onion, garlic and goat\'s cheese.
KEBAB MEDITERRÁNEO: cheese, kebab meat, onion and yoghurt sauce.
RICCA: cheery tomatoes, turkey and basil.
PIZZA CARBONARA: cheese, bacon, garlic, cream and onion.
PIZZA SALONIKI: cheese, gyros meat, curry sauce and red onion.
PIZZA DOLCE: cheese, cream, goat\'s cheese, turkey ham and honey.
PIZZA CORTICELLA: cheese, cherry tomatoes, serrano ham and olive oil.
PIZZA BBQ: cheese, minced meat, onion and barbeque sauce.
PIZZA PASSIONATTA: choose from five ingredients.
NAPOLETANA: cheese, anchovies, olives, capers and oregano
AGLIO E OLIO: cheese, spinach, prawns, garlic, Gorgonzola and fresh tomato
MARGARITA DI POMODORO: cheese, slices of fresh tomato and oregano
BELMONDO: cheese, broccoli, spinach, sweet corn, feta and parmesan
FOCACCIA: oven baked pizza base with olive oil, sliced garlic and mozzarella
KRETA: cheese, marinated pork and chicken, bacon, dates and feta

Ask for availability of Gluten free pizza, Lactose free cheese and vegetarian cream

ESPAGUETTIS / MACCARONES BOLOGNESA: spaghetti or maccaroni pasta served with a minced meat sauce.
ESPAGUETTIS CARBONARA: spaghetti served with bacon, garlic and onion in a cream sawith
SPAGUETTI ALLA CORSARA: spaghetti with prawns and garlic in spicy tomato sauce
SPAGUETTI AL POMODORO: spaghetti with tomato sauce
ESPAGUETTIS AL FORNO: ham and mushrooms served with a bolognase sauce and cheese gratiné.
MACCARRONI POLO: chicken, onion and mushrooms served with a tomato sauce.
TORTELLINI A LA PANNA: tortellini pasta served with ham and mushrooms in a home-made sauce.
TORTELLINI AL GORGONZOLA: tortellini pasta served with gorgonzola cheese in a home-made sauce.
TORTELLINI AL FORNO: tortellini pasta served with ham and mushrooms in a bolognase sauce with cheese gratiné.
PASTA SPEZIALE: three different types of pasta served with minced meat, mushrooms and melted cheese.
PASTA ALBERTO: three different types of pasta served with ham and mushrooms, peppers, onions and melted cheese.
MACCARONI FÍGARO: maccaroni pasta served with veal, mushrooms and melted cheese with a home-made sauce.
LASAÑA CLÁSICA: minced meat and melted cheese.
LASAÑA SPINACI: onion, spinach and melted cheese.
LASAÑA PASSIONATTA: minced meat, mushrooms, ham and melted cheese.
LASAÑA DE VERDURA: broccoli, sweetcorn, courgette, pepper, onion, melted cheese and home-made sauce.
CANELONES SPINACI: cannelloni pasta served with sauteed spinach mixed with mozzarella and parmesan.
CANELONES TRADICIONALES: cannelloni pasta served with minced meat, pine nuts, bolognese sauce and cheese gratiné.
TALLARINES: tagliatelle served with spicy oil, garlic, onion, tomato, basil and parmesan.

GIROS CON PATATA: pork and chicken meat served with Tzasiki sauce, salad and chips.
CAZUELA PASSIONATTA: chicken breast served mushrooms, onion, home-made sauce and covered with melted cheese.
CAZUELA DE BRÓCCOLI: broccoli served with home-made sauce and covered with melted cheese.
CAZUELA DE CHAMPIÑONES: mushrooms, potatoes and onion served with home-made sauce and melted cheese.
CAZUELA DE VERDURAS: courgette, aubergine, onion, mushrooms, peppers, tomato sauce and melted cheese.

CHILI CON CARNE Y TORTITAS DE MAIZ: chilli con carne with fajitas
FAJITAS RELLENAS DE POLLO Y CERDO Y SALSA: fajitas filled with chicken and pork in a sauce.

PATATAS BRAVAS: chips in a spicy sauce.
PAN PITA CON SALSA DE AJO: pitta bread with a garlic sauce.
TIRAS DE POLLO CRUJIENTE: breaded chicken strips.
BARRITAS DE MOZZARELLA: mozzarella strips.
ALITAS DE POLLO: chicken wings.

MIXTA: mixed salad - small or large.
ATÚN: tuna salad - small or large.
PASSIONATTA - ATÚN ó POLLO: special salad with tuna or chicken.
PRIMAVERA: pasta salad.
CAPRESE: mozzarella, tomatoes and basil.
ENSALADA MIXTA CON CAMEMBERT: mixed salad with Camembert cheese.
ENSALADA CUMBERLAND: mixed salad with Cumberland sausage.
ENSALADA CHEF: chef\'s special salad.
ENSALADA OLIMPIA: lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red onion, Gyros meat, Tzasiki sauce, goat\'s cheese and chillies
EMSALADA MIAMI: mixed salad with pineapple, mozzarella, sweet corn and chicken breast
FATTORIA: lettuce, tomato, nuts, Turkey ham, mozzarella, croutons with herbs
MILANO: mixed leaves, goat\'s cheese, parmesan, feta, walnuts, dates, orange, chicken breast with mushroom sauce and herb butter
TUCCHINO: Turkey breast, Gouda, sweet corn, lettuce, hard boiled egg, tuna, olives, chillies, artichoke and feta cheese
AVOCADO: endives, red onion, green asparagus, carrot, cherry tomato, capers and avocado

SAUCES: house, curry, kebab, Olive oil and vinegar, Caesar, yogurt, Tzasiki, Balsamic oil

Great Italian with fantastic pizzas and pasta dishes (best lasagne I've tasted in Javea) as well as the delicious house speciality cazuela. All available delivered to your door - you can't go wrong.

Fabulous Pizzas, excellent service! I love Italy for its Pizzas, but no need to travel there, as "Passionata" is far superior to any I have had in Italy!

Sharon McAlpine
Excellent Pizza! Alberto's Pizzas are far superior to any we have had in Italy! Great service and always served with a smile!